Your Thoughts Needed

June 21, 2010

Let’s make this a discussion about the blog only, keep discussing weather in the previous post. 

As ANYONE who comes to this blog know, occasionally we have outbreaks of “verbal violence” in the comments, as you can see again yesterday evening and this morning.  In the past, if someone was truly offensive, posted porn links (it’s happened!), or threatened others I generally put them on “moderation”.  That means they can post in the comments, but I have to hit the APPROVE button before it makes it in.  In fact that’s how the blog worked the first few months in 2005.  I definitely won’t do that again since it totally stifles discussion of current weather.  BUT, I do get tired of the same person/people causing the same issues.

What I want to know is…how does it affect your experience here?  I don’t mean just the regulars who comment all the time, but I know lots of other people come on and read the comments, but don’t participate in the discussion.  Please spend the 10 seconds and punch one of the buttons…you only get to vote once per IP address.  If an issue comes out of the poll (which I’m expecting), then we can move forward from there.  Feel free to comment down below too.  Please DO NOT mention names, because I think anyone who gets on this forum will know exactly who this poll is aimed at.

Okay, now for the input you all gave the last 24 hours.  Thanks so much!…I’ve never seen such a long chain of very good thoughts from all.  And quite a volume of emails on the subject that arrived in my inbox too.  Several regulars gave me their thoughts this way.  In fact I didn’t want another post just about the issue.  As you can see from the results of the poll, a majority of folks think several people cause some trouble on the blog comments (whether intentional or not). 

1.  NO ONE suggested we moderate ALL comments.  I totally agree and that’s not going to change.  You only get moderated the first time you comment from a new computer, or just plain first time ever.

2.  Really, considering it’s been 5 years with OPEN COMMENTING, it’s amazing how civil it is in here.  Big blowups only happen about every 3-5 months.  One about two weeks ago, but before that it was January!  I did put one of you on moderation after the blowup two weeks ago due to a very rude and mean comment.

3. There was definitely some agreement (a majority) that this involves the same 2-3 people  each of the last few times we have had a “blow-up”.  Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that those 2-3 people are always in the middle of it for whatever reason.  Several of you pointed out that it then spreads to others jumping into the argument.  Quite a few suggested I ban all three of those folks.  I won’t do that for now.  Because it’s Jesse & Rob.  Jesse you start it and then Rob explodes…geez, regular and predictable as clockwork.  You two contribute far more to the blog than anyone else, yet you’re also dragging things down here once every few months.  Could you just stop???  So I guess this is a public warning;  the rest of you can make sure I follow through when it happens again and hold me accountable.  Next time you two get in an argument which turns into an explosion that’s it.  The rest of you please let me know if it happens again.  I can deal with the 3rd person I mentioned earlier in this paragraph separately, LOTS of you are tired of his rantings.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen