Saturday Night Showers

June 19, 2010

I’m in tonight because Brian is feeling a bit under the weather.  I’m always happy to help out, since I know most of my co-workers are glad to come in when I’m on the verge of death (or if I have a man-cold).  The weather was pretty slow today; a bit better than expected, but then finally plenty of showers and downpours showed up this evening across a good chunk of the Metro area.  I feel a bit redeemed over a yucky Saturday forecast.

Out of time, but tomorrow looks about like today, minus the heavy showers.  I’m not going whole hog with the warm up next week either.  A longwave trough is still hanging in over us with heights MAYBE up to 576dm.  That’s typical late June mild weather; as opposed to the really cool late June weather we’ve been having.  So still an improvement ahead the next 7 days, but not a big startup of summer conditions.

Chief Meterologist Mark Nelsen