Unhappy Northwesterners

I was a bit disturbed yesterday after an incident at a “large food warehouse” that also sells tires, $1.50 koscher hot dogs, and vacations on the way out the door.  I’m sure you can’t figure that one out but we can’t be giving away free advertising even on the weather blog.  So I’m walking past the nice woman who smiles from the “leaf-free gutters” area and I hear “there he is!” .  My head quickly swivels to the right, thinking I also heard get ‘im!”, but maybe that’s just in my head.  It’s the lady that checks the receipt on the way out the door.  She then says (while looking at the other receipt-checker) “I just want to wring his neck!”  She was referring to the cloudy and cool weather.  But she didn’t just say it, she acted it out!   I didn’t grow up behind a barn…well, kind of, but anyway, she made a twisting motion with her two hands…remarkably similar to the first process in butchering a chicken.   No, not the axe method, but the other.  So reflexively I rubbed the back of my neck to make sure my head was still connected to my spine…luckily it was!  She DID smile, but they probably smile at the chickens before that move too. 

The point of that little Thursday afternoon story is that folks are cranky out there.  People need some warmth.  I got one email from a viewer that said he was on his 4th try with cucumbers.

So where do we go from here?  No significant change through the early part of next week for sure.  The general dip in the upper-level flow keeping chilly temperatures over the Pacific Northwest stays put through the middle of next week.  One small disturbance (an upper-level low) is dropping down through the Queen Charlotte Islands this afternoon and should arrive over Northwest Oregon by tomorrow evening.  Up until that time we get quite a break.  The onshore flow weaks a bit tomorrow for a bit more sunshine and a warmer atmosphere overhead could actually get us within a few degrees of normal!

Tomorrow evening/overnight could get interesting though!  Our RPM model and the WRF-GFS from the UW both show a sudden explosion of showers (possible thunderstorms too) sometime after 6pm tomorrow in Northwest Oregon.   The two models are quite similar.  They have heavy showers developing in the southeast flow ahead of the approaching low over the east side of the Metro Area, and North Oregon Cascades.  Then they move north-northwest up into Western Washington overnight tomorrow.  The WRF-GFS has over an inch of rainfall by Saturday morning in that area!  Should be fun to see how it plays out.

Looking at our 7 Day forecast, I admight it sure looks like a “Pessi-Cast”, but as mentioned in earlier posts I sure don’t want to imply that we have any good stretch of weather on the horizon.  I think there is only one day on there with temps anywhere near average for the last two weeks of June.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. nick says:

    The change in our weather patterns can be attributed to the Icelandic volcanoes spewing ash into the atmosphere and the earthquake in Chile that tilted the earths axis 3 inches .

  2. Sandman - Aloha says:

    Bear in mind that I live in the marvelous Aloha rainshadow.

    My tomatoes are all aproaching 2′ tall.

    Now the eggplants, that is another story. They are a bit miserable looking.

    I thing we might all have to convert to growing beets, turnips and rutabagas.

  3. Kyle says:

    Edit compatible.

  4. Kyle says:

    If only you would make this Norton capatable.

    If only you would realize that the world isn’t all about praise and glory. -_-

  5. Kyle says:

    Too bad Norton won’t allow me to view it so I have nothing to say. -_-

  6. Good evening fellow bloggers. I am releasing the updated version of my Pac-NW Climate data program written in VB.net. I have added Salem, Eugene and Astoria to the dataset. I also have added a select-a-day map that is quite awesome. Enjoy it!!!

    here is the link to the download:

  7. Kyle says:

    Any places back east to take the blog van storm chasing?

  8. Ya some heavy rain out here by persimmon

  9. Kyle says:

    *insert pop noise here* 🙂

    Care to send some this way Jesse?

  10. Jesse-Orchards says:

    Looks like some showers have suddenly popped up on the east side of the metro area.

    • chiefWright says:

      Two cells are generating S. of Canby and are trending SSE. We’re getting clobbered right now 8 miles SSW of Molalla. Don’t think there’s enough energy in them for any fireworks but who knows. I’m so wrung out by this June weather….

  11. Garron near washington square says:

    GOOOD MORNING channel 12 blahhgers!!! it’s a balmy 60.1 degrees outside!!!!, oh it’s 1:30 PM? Never mind, it’s a Junuary 60 degrees outside, enjoy : } Happy dad’s day weekend…

  12. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    These tornadoes need a warm south wind with a touch of instability!

  13. Chuck on MT Scott says:

    I heard about the Fox 12 Weather app for the iPhone. Installed it. It’s pretty good. Would be nice to incorporate the blog into it.

    • Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

      And it would be nice to incorporate the “older comments” and “newer comments” links into the mobile version of this blog (also on an iPhone). There needs to be a pathway to read older comments other that switching off the mobile version each time.

    • Ditto Sandi. Big bummer that the older & newer comments feature is not on the mobile version.

  14. Battle Ground Brian says:

    12z GFS run is the worst one I have seen in quite a while for hope of summer weather. It now runs through July 4th and the 850mb temps are 3-9 degrees celsius for most of the period. Temps are 60’s to low 70’s for highs and rain is forecasted every couple of days.
    Green Tomato 2010 is looking like a reality.


    • Jim in N. Tabor says:

      I think 2010 is the year of no tomato. I’ve replanted mine twice now and they still are struggling, yellow, wilted leaves and no growth. I’ll try again but they take a minimum of 60 days if the weather is warm so it’ll be a very late harvest if at all.

    • I highly suggest to anybody listening, that you buy a $0.56 paintbrush, the smallest you can find. Take and ever so lightly brush every blossom to germinate, and then you will recieve the fruit in a more timely fashion. You will also most likely get a tomato on every flower you brush. This is great, but requires alot more staking up, as the fruit will be very heavy.

  15. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    I’m trying to grow tornadoes in this weather, not sure if this is progressing very well.

    • Garron near washington square says:

      I can sympathize with you, I had already picked tomatoes by this time last year. This year is a bit challenging, but with fertilizer, and wrapping them up during the hail events, trim all of the discolored leaves, there may still be hope?!?!?!

    • Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

      Tornaoes, not tomatoes Garron.

    • Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

      Typo… Again


      We should have the ability to edit our posts on here.

  16. Battle Ground Brian says:

    Up to the north, Olympia got hit with 1.16″ of rain in the last 12 hours.


  17. eugene in vancouver says:

    Anybody else trying to grow tomatoes in this weather? How are you doing?

    • Sarah (E. Gresham) says:

      It’s my first year attempting tomatoes and it’s not going well. First ones started to wilt indoors and once I put them outdoors they are on their last legs (actually, one is sprouting a very small tomato, but the plants themselves look horrible). Second two are still inside, but they’re starting to wilt as well. My peas and lettuce are doing just fine.

    • W7ENK says:

      I am, and they’re not. 😦

    • Snow-Zone/Monmouth-Elv200' says:

      They are green. Summer of the green tomato lol.

    • Garron near washington square says:

      I am growing tomatoes in 3 different locals. I have to start my Hillsboro tomatoes a lil later because of the longer frost season, but they are 3-4 feet tall because they have really good dirt, my tomatoes in Beaverton have green tomatoes on them, but are shorter due to the lack of sunshine & I’m growing in Gresham. The ones in Gresham are doing the best, only 3-3.5 ‘ tall, but very lush and green, with little to no leaf rot. Must be the east winds that dry the leafs off?

  18. Kyle says:

    Oh. *feels embarrsed*

  19. Karl Bonner says:

    I’m still holding out for July onward. As we all know it often takes that long before summer really kicks into full force. I hope we get rewarded for all this May/June Gloom in the form of a crystal-clear September and lots of 75-85 days in the first half of October.

    Are the long-range (Jul-Sep) models still hinting at hot and dry? I’ve always been curious as to far into fall we can stay well above average (5-15 degrees) under bright sun. And by that I mean MOST days being on the warm side, not just three or four of them!

    • Jesse-Orchards says:

      So let me get this straight, you love the gloom now but want us to have an unseasonably warm fall that stretches deep into the cool part of the year.

      One question: what is wrong with you?

      I’d like it if we warmed up now, then had a nice, cool fall. But you want it to be mild and wet in the summer and warm and sunny in the fall and winter. You need to move closer to the equator, dude. This isn’t a tropical jungle.

    • Runrain says:

      One word: FOOTBALL! All day tailgating in the fall is AWESOME when its 70 deg out. And how about a nice 65 deg day for Halloween! Come Thanksgiving, bring on the snow and 60 mph wind gusts!

    • Chuck on MT Scott says:

      When I first moved to Oregon, I recall hearing summer starts July 5th. The slugs are the biggest in the country and the question “what follows two rainy days?”. I love living here. Parts of the country are so humid and unbarable during the summer. Bug sooo big they will eat you alive. Even in NE states. Sure it’s been a bit of a downer this spring, but I know it won’t last forever.

    • Chuck on MT Scott says:

      Oh and of course I forgot ” it’s raining. Oh it must be Rose Festival time. ” 🙂

    • Eternal Yamcha (SE Milwaukie) says:

      I’d say the same thing’s wrong with people who want a wicked cold summer. We’ve already said “so long normal seasons” this year… I don’t see why we shouldn’t expect a hot autumn.

      I mean, for those obsessed with breaking records, a hot autumn would be good.

    • Jesse-Orchards says:

      We aren’t going to see a hot autumn, not with a Nina. Sorry.

  20. Kyle says:

    What the *beep* does Nye Nye uu mean? Is that even a real word?

    Sorry but the blog settings wont’ allow me to copy and paste that quote.

    • Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

      Taken from the context that he was headed for bed, nye would be g’night and the u_u would be two closed eyes (asleep).

    • W7ENK says:

      Thanks Sandi. Yes, “nye-nye” is a cute little thing my friend’s son says right before they/we/I put him down for bed every night, and for some reason it just sticks with me… 🙂 It’s a bastardization of “good night”.

      u_u is a little anime-style smiley face with it’s eyes closed.

      I was wondering if that was confusing to anyone…
      sorry ’bout that. 😕

  21. Boydo3 500' North Albany says:

    I really hate to say it but I think the nice weather is going to start on July 5th. Till then just the same ol funky clouds, partly sunny days, with some light rain now and then. July, August and Sept and most of Oct are going to be GREAT! i hope

  22. Sifton says:

    I just wish we could have just 1 day (like last Sat) that was clear n dry, sun up to sun down!

  23. W7ENK says:

    71.2°F High
    44.2°F Low
    W 12.3 mph at 1:10p
    0.02″ Today
    4.28″ June total

    Tomorrow is going to be a LOOOOOOOONG day. I’m heading to bed early so I can get as much sleep as possible! :yawn:

    Nye-nye. u_u

  24. Snow-Zone/Monmouth-Elv200' says:

    55.8F here.

  25. Kyle says:

    To Jeremy who asked about Salem Weather data for 1954:

    You can find salem weather data here for June 1954 on default: http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KSLE/1954/6/18/MonthlyHistory.html

    72F high and 39F low with a variety of cloud cover to suit everyone’s taste.

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