Unhappy Northwesterners

June 17, 2010

I was a bit disturbed yesterday after an incident at a “large food warehouse” that also sells tires, $1.50 koscher hot dogs, and vacations on the way out the door.  I’m sure you can’t figure that one out but we can’t be giving away free advertising even on the weather blog.  So I’m walking past the nice woman who smiles from the “leaf-free gutters” area and I hear “there he is!” .  My head quickly swivels to the right, thinking I also heard get ‘im!”, but maybe that’s just in my head.  It’s the lady that checks the receipt on the way out the door.  She then says (while looking at the other receipt-checker) “I just want to wring his neck!”  She was referring to the cloudy and cool weather.  But she didn’t just say it, she acted it out!   I didn’t grow up behind a barn…well, kind of, but anyway, she made a twisting motion with her two hands…remarkably similar to the first process in butchering a chicken.   No, not the axe method, but the other.  So reflexively I rubbed the back of my neck to make sure my head was still connected to my spine…luckily it was!  She DID smile, but they probably smile at the chickens before that move too. 

The point of that little Thursday afternoon story is that folks are cranky out there.  People need some warmth.  I got one email from a viewer that said he was on his 4th try with cucumbers.

So where do we go from here?  No significant change through the early part of next week for sure.  The general dip in the upper-level flow keeping chilly temperatures over the Pacific Northwest stays put through the middle of next week.  One small disturbance (an upper-level low) is dropping down through the Queen Charlotte Islands this afternoon and should arrive over Northwest Oregon by tomorrow evening.  Up until that time we get quite a break.  The onshore flow weaks a bit tomorrow for a bit more sunshine and a warmer atmosphere overhead could actually get us within a few degrees of normal!

Tomorrow evening/overnight could get interesting though!  Our RPM model and the WRF-GFS from the UW both show a sudden explosion of showers (possible thunderstorms too) sometime after 6pm tomorrow in Northwest Oregon.   The two models are quite similar.  They have heavy showers developing in the southeast flow ahead of the approaching low over the east side of the Metro Area, and North Oregon Cascades.  Then they move north-northwest up into Western Washington overnight tomorrow.  The WRF-GFS has over an inch of rainfall by Saturday morning in that area!  Should be fun to see how it plays out.

Looking at our 7 Day forecast, I admight it sure looks like a “Pessi-Cast”, but as mentioned in earlier posts I sure don’t want to imply that we have any good stretch of weather on the horizon.  I think there is only one day on there with temps anywhere near average for the last two weeks of June.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen