Mountain Snow

It’s June 16th, and 4″ of fresh snow is on the ground this morning at Timberline Lodge.  That plus a soaking rain falling here at home (far east metro area) and I’m going to cry…looks like January outside.  I’ve had about 6.50″ of rain so far this month here and it’s still coming down.   I’m sure those 80-90 degree days are just around the corner…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. Sandman - Aloha says:

    My bees are all going to die if this weather doesn’t make a short turn and quick.

    I think my new “hobbie” is going to be buffalo. At least they can eat wet grass. 🙂

  2. W7ENK says:

    Oooh… Surprise!

    I didn’t think that there’d be any with all this cool and cloudy weather we can’t seem to get rid of. I just happened to see them out of the corner of my eye as I walked past. 🙂

  3. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Well, looks like that hitch hiker had enough of this weather… That’s one down.

  4. Wow.. I stayed in low 50’s out here today… brutal!!!

    High: 53.7 @ 530p
    Low : 46.7 $ 100am
    Precip: .26

    • Mike (Orchards 255') says:

      56° was my high for the day and just added another 0.01″ of rain in the past hour…

  5. Boydo3 500' North Albany says:

    I have friends and family in farming, organic and otherwise. The grass seed and winter grains are so far looking fairly good (tho they still have 3yr old grass seed in the warehouse due to the lousy economy). Row crops are a problem and berries (berries got a bad hit last December from the freeze). They don’t need this at all! Insult to injury with this economy and horrible weather. Just a matter of time before people want to shoot the messenger, sorry Mark! 😉

  6. Gidrons says:

    1954 – Was there a spike in suicides that year?

  7. Gidrons says:

    GFS 18z continues trend toward cooler, wetter weekend. It actually has the low in Troutdale at 34 degrees Friday night (no, I don’t believe it will happen)

    I do believe the 1888 downtown precip record is in jeopardy.

  8. Karl Bonner says:

    Could this be the year that the grass never browns out west of the Cascades and north of the Umpqua Basin? I wonder if that’s possible or if it happened in 1954…

    This cool weather is definitely interesting, I’ll give it that much credit. But I REALLY hope it doesn’t last all summer and then segué into a chilly autumn and another severe Arctic blast this winter.

    • BeavertonChris says:

      I know it’s not officially Summer until next week, but I am starting to give up on having much of any good weather this summer. I really am frustrated. Just when I think the next week is going to be nice, if not as warm as last Saturday, things change. It’s kinda weird that the one perfect day we have had lately has fallen on the day of the Grand Floral Parade.

    • Eternal Yamcha (SE Milwaukie) says:

      Karl, you know that’s not how it works. Knowing our luck recently, we’ll have a cold summer, a mild autumn and a warm winter.

  9. umpire says:

    For the 6th time in 8 weeks, the softball team I play on is rained out again tonight. The last three weeks were to make up rained-out games – none of ours were played. Maybe in July . . . sigh . . .

  10. Hello Bloggers, I have chosen today to release the first version of my Portland Climate Data weather program.

    You can get it here at this url:

    I am sure everyone will love it!!

    It took a couple of weeks to get everything working right. Many more features are coming.

  11. El Donut says:

    1954 – say it ain’t so (I edited this a bit for easier reading…Mark):

    June Highs 62 75 66 60 64 57 68 57 63 63 69 66 60 62 60 60 62 69 62 75 77 71 68 74 72 64 63 70 82 64 M
    June Lows 46 44 49 45 48 48 49 52 52 53 53 54 51 48 49 45 47 43 53 53 53 52 52 49 52 55 49 42 49 55 M

    July Highs 62 71 73 78 72 77 65 67 67 70 72 76 82 76 65 72 76 76 67 60 M 76 73 75 76 74 72 76 78 77 80
    July Lows 51 48 45 51 49 59 57 54 52 58 57 52 54 55 57 57 55 56 58 54 M 49 56 54 53 52 54 51 51 54 52

    August Highs 82 69 67 64 69 75 78 69 72 76 73 69 68 69 71 69 71 74 70 73 76 73 67 68 67 73 76 73 77 68 75
    August Lows 51 54 53 51 57 54 54 53 48 51 53 58 57 58 57 51 54 52 61 60 57 58 56 51 54 55 53 56 58 60 60

    September Highs 80 71 67 68 68 73 69 74 79 66 66 69 68 66 62 68 60 67 M 73 73 68 72 78 83 73 67 65 68 68 M
    September Lows 55 58 53 54 50 49 56 54 48 55 52 53 53 56 54 50 51 46 49 48 46 54 51 50 49 57 45 45 37 35 M

  12. Garron near washington square says:

    Being this close to the “warm” waters of the Pacific, this is the price we pay. Luke warm summers, and close calls in winter. Especially in winter, we just miss snow events due to the proximity of the 50 degree water to land ratio, causing the snow to melt 500′ above the city. In the summer, we just get a break from the low clouds, that last until just before sunset, then some really puny system moves by 800 miles to our North, and drags in the marine layer we all love to hate again.

    Thanks to maritime air mass, unless the Earth starts rotating the opposite way, we’ll never have a drought 60 miles from the Pacific ocean.

  13. Muxpux says:

    If this was winter it would be epic. But alas…

    • Eternal Yamcha (SE Milwaukie) says:

      Another reason I’m ticked off is that I feel like we’ve been short changed on the winter. If this really cold pattern had set up in winter, then we would have seen snow and lots of it. Yes, we would have all gotten tired of it already… But maybe the spring wouldn’t have sucked as much.

      Instead we got that blocking ridge that kept us warmer and drier than normal in January and gave us one of the worst Februaries on record in my opinion. Yes, we had lots of warm and sunny days… But it wasn’t record warm temperatures and in February I EXPECT the weather to be rainy and cold with some wind and maybe snow mixed in.

  14. Ken says:

    We have been saying that for 6 weeks now:) Losing faith. 50 outside at 2 pm on June 16th Really!!!

  15. Garron near washington square says:

    …AND why the heck did I put my airconditoner in the window??? What a waste of time!!!

    • Ken says:

      Thats the same thing I said to my wife yesterday. Thats funny. Its so that we dont have to worry about doing it next year.

    • W7ENK says:

      Mine’s still boxed up in the attic… the thought of pulling it down hasn’t even crossed my mind yet. Silly as it seems, I’ve been running the heat all week.

      Oh look, it’s raining again. 😦

  16. Garron near washington square says:

    “It’s the end of summer as we know it, and I feel cold”
    I predicted this scenario around my birthday in early May? & when I was planting my tomatoes, in early April, and said ” we are due for a crappy summer” My friends just said “oh this is typical spring” Now I say I told you so, and my friends just say ” summer really begins on July 5th!!!!!!!!” & When I’m picking frozen veggies in late October???? or should I say IF???

    Just 56.8 lousy degrees at 1:36 PM, no sun…AT ALL (: – { ) ON A BRIGHT NOTE…SUMMER BEGINS THIS WEEKEND…

  17. W7ENK says:

    Who was it that was asking a couple weeks ago about an Arctic Blast coming through in the summer??? If you look at the overall pattern today, this is kind of it, wouldn’t you say? Or maybe as close as possible… minus the Gorge winds, that is.

  18. Battle Ground Brian says:

    Another record low max today at PDX?

    I think it may happen.

    59 is today’s record set way back in 1944

    It’s 55 at noon at PDX with no clearing seen on the VIS 1km looper. We should tie or break this daily record today. I sit currently at 50.4 here at 12:50pm.

  19. W7ENK says:

    Yeah, it’s getting bad… 😥

    The brief dose of Vitamin D3 over the weekend was barely enough to take the edge off this gloom. I know I’m not the only one that needs a break from this crap.

  20. Aleta-West Gresham says:

    And just as it looks like the rain is done a little blob develops right over me. 😦

  21. David B. says:

    Woke up this morning and it was drizzling and in the forties outside (I’m in inner SE PDX). Had to fire up the woodstove.

    Looks like June-uary is baaaack.

  22. N3EG says:

    My weather station’s broken temp sensor keeps taunting me – it jumped to 90 degrees last week and stayed there.

    Replacement is on the way…reality, unfortunately, has never left.

  23. Battle Ground Brian says:

    Could someone please pick this guy up?

    Never seen a hitchhiker on a cam.

  24. Battle Ground Brian says:

    rainfall since midnight: 0.22″

    June total: 5.42″

  25. Jethro (Canby ~187') says:

    That’s one long corner!

    • pappoose in scappoose says:

      I can’t see around it. Whats on the other side? Is there another side?

  26. JClack says:

    I was checking the tripcheck cams earlier and it looks like Govt Camp got some snow sticking overnight.

  27. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Oh I’m sure those 80-90F days are around the corner… Coming so slowly…


  28. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:


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