A New Record! Wettest June

June 15, 2010

It’s done, the heavy rain that passed over PDX from 9-10:30pm has pusehd us past the June rainfall record.  You’ve now lived through the wettest June in history here in Portland.  At least back to the early 1940’s when records began at PDX.  The 4.21″ number includes the .08″ ending at around 10:20pm.

I’ve made a few modifications to the 7 Day forecast…I really like the “Optimicast” wording being used here on the blog.  That’s been a continuing issue lately in the 3-7 day forecasts.  Models can’t seem to handle the nearly continuous longwave trough we’ve had along the West Coast the last 4 weeks.  They have kept trying to fill it and bring upper-level heights to more normal levels for this time of year.  The trend is still there this evening with the 00z GFS slightly lower on heights again as we head into the weekend.  For this reason I’m extremely leary of showing sunshine and mid-70s over the weekend, so I dropped it quite a bit.  Same thing for Friday and next Tuesday.  The main message?  The cooler than average weather is going to continue with no sign of a big warm spell in sight.

Today’s “low” high temp record (it only made it to 57 @ PDX) was from 1954.  Anybody looked into that summer?  That would be anybody other than the “number master” Steve Pierce?  It only hit 86 that year in this city AND that was in mid-May!  In the months of June-September we only made it to 82!  July was full of 60s and 70s.  Shauna Parsons suggested that “75 would be really nice”, that was until I suggested it probably included abundant cloud cover, occasional drizzle or showers, and lots of gloom in general.  Then she agreed that 1954 doesn’t sound so great.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen