Poll: Is Mark Too Dark?

June 11, 2010

I’m shocked…Wayne & Shauna have accused me of “fake and baking” the last few months.  They have too much spare time in the 10 minutes before the show apparently.  It was something along the lines of  “there’s no way Mark should look darker than Wayne”.  So what do you think? 

Let’s do a fun poll between now and 11:15pm.  Then I’ll let you know.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

A Dry Day!

June 11, 2010

Finally, a dry day today and now skies are beginning to (slowly) clear out as we head towards sunset.  A very nice north-northeast flow is evident on the satellite image over us now, so that should help finish the clearing-out this evening.  Then it’s on to much warmer weather over the weekend.   Those of you with evening plans (graduations?) will be fine…no rain in sight.

But first, a Fun Center report:  Yes, I know it’s called the Aquafront Villebois, or Village, or whatever it is this year, but wow!  What a smell!  Have you been down there this year?  Ughh! When I grew up between a dairy farm and hog farm in the Valley it was stinky, but that stagnant mud in downtown just smells filthy this year.  So now my car, shoes, and socks stink since the mud went everywhere.  It’s “trapped in my nose” too now, so I would highly recommend not heading down there.   I’ve been there in dry years and it’s just fine.  Oh, and $4 per ride per person?  How is a normal family supposed to afford that???  $65 blown in about one hour (that doesn’t include food).  Okay, rant over for now.

Lower 80s still look like a great forecast for tomorrow.  We’re still going for 80 Sunday, but as mentioned in the last post that’s at the high end.  I could easily see 75 if the northwest wind really picks up.

Quite a push Sunday night and Monday…mesoscale models show maybe a 3,000′ thick marine layer by 12z Monday.  That should take us at least 1/2 of the day to break out into sunshine.  Tuesday is similar.

Wednesday and beyond is a messy forecast.  All models want to have “baggy” troughiness over us, with details on shortwaves rotating down over us in great dispute.  Either way it won’t be all sunny, or probably rainy either.  But very seasonal temperatures…68-75 degree highs and partly cloudy in general.

The main message is still “the 4 week siege of cold & wet is over”.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen