Local Flooding Possible Soon

June 6, 2010

I don’t usually post on Sundays, but after checking out the radar…whew!  Appears to be a solid line of moderate to heavy rainfall across the west/north side of the metro rainfall.  Add very little movement to that you get a ton of rain.  As of 8am PDX has already had almost 1/2″, Hillsboro about 3/4″.  Over 1″ amounts are likely in those spots in the next couple of hours, definitely worthy of localized stream/street flooding.   Eastside just has the usual light rain/drizzle slop this morning, so unless the line shifts a bit there shouldn’t be any problem.

What a mess for farmers over in Washington County now….after this morning more flooded fields waiting to be planted.  That was the largest complaint I heard from the “school closing event” yesterday down in Monitor.  “We can’t get out in the fields because they are too wet”.  Several said that if they didn’t get the “row crops”  in by June 15th they wouldn’t be able to plant at all because then those would be too late and run into the usual late-season veggies at the canneries/frozen food packers.    Row crops are things like broccoli, beans, etc…  Okay, enough of the farming report…let’s hope the rain band moves on out of here in the next few hours.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen