Thunderstorms Arrive in Metro Area

May 17, 2010

7 cloud to ground strikes from the new cells in east Vancouver and Camas area within the last 15 minutes…heavy rain extends from there back to Scappoose, Sauvie Island, and down into central Portland.  Enjoy the show up in Clark County!

A Busy & Stormy Day!

May 17, 2010

The Portland and Pendleton radars are working overtime right now…a ton of storms popping up over the Cascades and eastside.  One is a severe thunderstorm in Morrow/Gilliam county right now.  In general they are all  looking much better than 1 hour ago.  A good place to watch (but you are at our mercy on the view) is our live streaming radar mentioned on the last post.  At 3:45pm I see three nice looking cells between Salem and Albany firing up.  This may be along the edge of a marine push coming in from the west.  Sometimes that initial push helps lift the warmer/moist air ahead of it.  Something to keep an eye on as it heads northeast into the metro area this evening.    Good times!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen