Cascade Camping Begins

May 12, 2010

I checked into camping conditions in the Cascades this evening.  Hard to believe it’s just about that time, but Memorial Day weekend is just two weeks away!  Lost Lake Resort west of Parkdale/Hood River is already open.  Hoodview campground at Timothy Lake will open Friday.  Clear Lake and Trillium Lake are scheduled to open next weekend (21st/22nd).  Ollalie Lake (or should I say lakes) is about a thousand feet higher than the others so it tends to open later in June.  Last year it didn’t open until after the 4th of July.  Part of that was due to downed trees though.  All in all it appears there will be plenty of places to camp in the Cascades for the holiday weekend…but as for the weather who knows.  I confess that I’ve never been a big fan of camping on Memorial Day Weekend.  More often than not it’s either wet, chilly, or both.  Add the masses of people and it turns into “amateur hour”.  Weekdays in the summer are my preferred time to head up there.  The best time has got to be September…warm days, cool nights, and NO crowds.

Okay, finally some sunshine today and warmer temps, but we only gained 3 degrees here in P-town.  A switch to very light offshore flow (or just plain flat gradients) plus a warmer atmosphere above should allow us to jump about 10 degrees.  We stay in that range through Sunday.  Then the big change.

Models still show a large upper-level trough either over us or just to our west ALL of next week and beyond.  The 3rd week of May could be quite wet and chilly…we’ll see.  I’m definitely holding off on the warm-weather planting now.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen