Where’s the Warm Weather?

May 11, 2010

The first 75 degree day at PDX for each of the past 10 springs...we're nearing the latest.

I used this image during the 10pm show tonight.  Click on it for a larger version.  I’ve noticed a stretch of very warm weather has been very absent this spring.  In fact can any of you regulars here on the blog remember any strong ridge over the West Coast since late March?  We haven’t even seen that for a couple days…explains the lack of extremely warm weather.  Now it hasn’t been unusually cold, just cooler than average recently…nothing like that very cold Spring of 2008.  Anyway, a stretch of warmer weather begins tomorrow, although with no big ridge over us the best we’ll do is 70s.  A couple years ago we hit the lower-mid 90s west of the Cascades in mid-May…remember that?  You can check out the details on the blog from around May 15, 2008.

So I’m outside working today in the yard; thought that maybe it’s time to make the jump and put in the warm-weather veggies (corn, tomatoes, melons, etc…).  I never do that in my neighborhood until I see a prolonged spell of warm weather in mid-late May.  Some years I’ve had to wait until the 1st week of June.  I’m at 1,000′ in the very wet west slopes of the Cascades, so I’m always behind the lowlands.  But after looking at long range maps I’m concerned that we’ll head right back into unusually cool/wet conditions next week so I’m going to hold off for now.  The new 00z Canadian is especially disturbing with a strong jet and very chilly atmosphere over head early next week.

Low clouds should break up much more quickly tomorrow due to the surface ridge of high pressure nosing in a bit more to the north.  The slight shift from onshore wind to a northerly wind should be enough to do the trick.  So we’re now obviously into THAT forecasting season aren’t we?

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen