Birthdays and 4.5 Years of Blogging

May 6, 2010

I got a bit busy this evening (working on Christmas and New Year’s schedule of all things!) plus the weather is suddenly very slow.  All these high-maintenance prima-donnas wanting the holidays off.  Just kidding, actually we have a really good team that gets along well.  Sophie Soong will be returning to weather in 3 weeks too. 

Thanks for the Happy Birthday notes on the previous post…41 today…heading towards 50! 

Someone earlier asked about the blog birthday.  For fun I had to look back.  I remember the first day we started the weather blog was November 30th, 2005.  The next 24 hours were one of the most satisfying in my career…not due to the blog but due to the forecast.  Read the first few posts. 

So WE (the weather blog community) will be 5 years old this Fall…hard to believe there has been 5 years of fun, weather geekery, drama, wishcasting, and knowledge-building going on here.  Hmmm…what kind of celebration to have?  Maybe two of you can get married with 240 hour ECMWF maps for the runner down the middle of the church?  Just an idea. 

Enjoy the hazy sunshine tomorrow….Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen