Cold and Snowy

May 3, 2010

What a crazy weather day across the Pacific Northwest.  Snow in the mountains, hail, wind, and chilly showers in the lowlands westside.  Blowing dust and very high winds causing trouble east of the Cascades too.  I see Rattlesnake Ridge on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation had a gust to 105 mph earlier this afternoon!  So how unusual is snow at Government Camp in May?  Not too crazy, but some years we are done with pass-elevation snow by this time.  Notice we had 9″ last year, but only 1″ in the chilly May of 2008 (a drier than average month even though cold).  We went 4 Mays without measurable snow at Gov’t Camp before that time.  I see 27″ fell in May of 1999 up there…following a La Nina winter.

More later…busy working on the 8pm show right now!