The Rain is Here!

Glad I got everything done outside…now I can come back to work and relax.  Got my cool-weather veggies planted, and spread out about 1/2 of the Zoo-Doo pile. 

The pile of tropical animal poop Saturday morning before I started working on it.

The rest is to split with a friend.  I guess I could adapt Stephanie’s “you can take a girl out of Gresham…” saying to “you can take a boy off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the boy”.  Up until about 8th grade I was sure I wanted to be a farmer, then the weather bug bit me and I moved on.   But all those chores are taken care of…good news since the rain is really coming down now.  Radar screen is solid with rain all over Western Oregon and Washington.  A surprise this afternoon was some mixing down of stronger wind ahead of the approaching cold front.  Seems to have only occurred on the east side of the Valley and Cascade foothills from about Estacada down to Springfield/Eugene.  I see Stayton RAWS had a gust to 44 mph…impressive for the end of April.  The wind has died down now.

10pm Update:  I see McMinnville is already well past 1/2 inch of rain already…front has been very slow to move east as a wave moves north offshore.  Much lighter amounts so far on the east side of the Valley.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we see widespread .50-.75″ totals out of the front itself.  Then it’s on to three days of chilly showers and sunbreaks weather tomorrow through Thursday.  I’m not too impressed with the chance for thunderstorms in this pattern, although it’s hard to believe with such a chilly airmass we won’t see at least hail showers the next few afternoons.  I DO notice quite an orographic effect…check out the WRF-GFS for the next few days.  It shows very little rainfall on the west side of the Metro area (once we get into the scattered showers tomorrow), and almost constantly wet conditions on the foothills of the Cascades and in the mountains themselves.

Still a huge difference in the GFS and ECMWF for Saturday and beyond, although things seem to be coming a bit closer together this evening.  The GFS built a big ridge in the east Pacific and then flopped it over us starting on Sunday.  The ECMWF through 12z this morning showed a vigorous and cold trough dropping in, smashing right through the ridge Sunday and beyond…totally different solutions.  I see the GFS is definitely showing some retrograde action the last few runs, so apparently today was a good day to back off that crazy forecast of 70+ starting Sunday. 

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

224 Responses to The Rain is Here!

  1. Adam in SE says:

    Wow, it just keeps redeveloping, or something. We’ve had four waves of intense rain & small hail.

  2. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    I think it’s too cold now for any more t-storms. I suppose could be a few more strikes? but a cold 45.1 now.. Oh well hey at least we had something.

    • W7ENK says:

      That was a good one! Scratched my itch… for a little while, anyway. 😆

    • Jesse-Orchards says:

      Rob, just because it’s 45 at your place doesn’t mean it’s too cold everywhere. It could easily be 50+ in, say, Banks, where a thunderstorm could billow up and drift into the metro area.

      Unequivocal statements are NEVER good. 😉

    • Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

      Jesse, I’m aware of that…. VIS image looks like nice sun breaks to the west. Convective temp is only around 47F, sooo maybe before 7 PM? We just need the surface to recover now.

  3. yevpolo1990 says:

    Just had an INTENSE hail shower

  4. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    2 new areas have pulsed up. 1 is north of Aloha, the other near Milwaukie.

  5. Runrain says:

    Happy Valley is a winter wonderland! Roofs, grass and barkdust and even the streets for a short while were all white. Temp from 57 down to 43 with this one. No more thunder, though.

  6. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    A pic I took looking due west just before the t-storm developed. Nothing too special here, but you do get a sense of the structure developing and turbulence aloft.

  7. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Zoomed radar

    Looks like the core shifted south/southeast slightly

    • Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

      Ahhh now it’s weakening. It could pulse back up I suppose. Temps only around 44-47F though.

  8. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Cell is slightly less organized, but small core of 63.5dbz now. There could definitely be additional lightning.

    • Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

      Yeah but still looking like a healthy cell. Small finger looking thingy trying to do something on the bottom of the cell.

    • Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

      ? That’s the wrong storm… The lightning/thunder reports is from the cell right over I-205 in SE Portland.

  9. laurie (sylvan) says:

    Hearing thunder in the Pearl, but not seeing any lightening yet. Sky is very dark to the SE.

  10. Radar looking like it’s going to be fun for a while…

  11. W7ENK says:

    Okay, it’s thundering in Sellwood! Tons of hail, too!

    I caught the first boom on video… 🙂 Working on getting that online now.

  12. Sarah (E. Gresham) says:

    I just heard a rumble of thunder…it was a little faint, but it was clearly thunder!

  13. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Nice bolt/flash out my window to my west. This is pretty cool!

  14. Adam in SE says:

    Whoosh! Tons of tiny hailstones falling on Eastmoreland… roofs are white.

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