Chucky D. Moves On

April 25, 2010


Charles Dalton posted this note earlier today in the comments, but I think it deserves it’s own post!


Farewell everybody.  I am moving on from this great town of Portland…back to the land of thunderstorms.  I’ve been here at the NWS in Portland for 4yrs this month.  My time has finally come to move on however, and I now make the trek back east to Arkansas.  I will be the newest general forecaster at the Little Rock office.

Before I go however, I thought I would make one last post on the blog here for “old times sake.”

I have enjoyed watching this blog over the past 4yrs. This blog has been a valuable resource at times…especially during winter weather when you all report temps and precip from about the area.  Furthermore, it has been interesting to see you grow in your knowledge about the weather. You’ve gone from knowing essentially nothing about the workings of weather and forecasting, to having a decent grasp on things.  I encourage you to keep enjoying and learning about the weather.

Keep up the weather watching!


Well that’s too bad…I think most of you would agree that Charles has been a great forecaster over at the NWS.  He clearly loves forecasting and watching weather.  Very supportive of our “virtual weather-geek pub” right here as well.  And each time a new forecaster comes to town (whether it’s NWS or TV) he/she needs to learn all about our little issues (rain shadows, gorge effects, inversions etc…).  

Well, we know next winter when the east wind is raging out of the Gorge and moisture is approaching from the west, Charlies will be sneaking a peek at a few PDX and TTD obs. just for old time’s sake.  Maybe even checking out that -15.5 millibar PDX-DLS gradient!  And, technically, he’ll ALWAYS be east of I-205 now!  Good luck Chuck!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen