One More Nice Day

April 23, 2010

Looks like Sunday will be the last warm and dry day for awhile.  All the models agreeing on troughing in the western USA all next week.  Of course the big disappointment, already noted in the comments earlier, is the change in the Monday forecast.  Instead of the approaching system splitting and heading for California (delaying the onset of rainfall), it’s coming right on in by Monday afternoon at the latest.

The screaming message is to get your dry weather projects done by early Monday…or over the weekend.  I just got my big load of Zoo-Doo delivered today…12 square yards of beautiful, steaming, composted elephant, giraffe, and rhinocerous poop.  The zoo donates it to various causes; I picked up mine at an auction.  I hear it’s good stuff…in fact my dog was eating it within about 2 minutes.  Another reason not to have a dog in the future once this guy finishes out his happy life capped off by the steaming pile of dung.

Alright…time is running out on this Friday evening.  I’ll be on Sunday night, so if I get a minute I’ll post some thoughts on next week’s weather then.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen