Take Your Kid To Work Day

April 22, 2010

My son Andrew is hanging out in the weather center late this afternoon.  Stephanie snapped a picture of him enjoying her generous gift of chips and sour patches.   He’s been asking for months to come to work with Dad on the official Take Your Child to Work Day.  This is fun for the kids since they get out of a bit of school.  In Andrew’s case he only missed a bit since Dad doesn’t start work until the end of his school day.  But on the positive side, what could be more fun than talking about vorticity maximums and 850 millibar temperatures this weekend with the old man???  He’s already had an exciting half hour at physical therapy (shoulder issue), on to Freddies, Starbucks, and then to work.  Evening sandwich shop and Krispy Kreme are on the schedule for later.  And of course the large monitors in the back of the weather center will become “Wii Central” after 6pm.  Obviously I’m not going to get much done today…luckily the weather doesn’t look real significant the next few days.  Depending on the strength of the ridge and atmosphere overhead, I think we have a chance at hitting 75 Monday.  For sure it’ll be right around 70 or just above Sunday and Monday.  The rest of next week should be cool and showery at times with troughiness nearby.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen