Lots of Driving

April 15, 2010

I headed north today into an area I haven’t seen much of in my life…northern Clark County.  I’ve lived within a 1.5 hour drive of Portland almost my entire life, but today I finally got to see Yacolt, Green Mountain area, and Lucia Falls (sorry Rob…I just missed Heisson Store after taking the wrong turn!).

This wasn’t just an aimless wandering on a sunny spring day.  I had my last 3 school visits of the year.  I think those were numbers 49, 51, and 52!  Probably going to cut back a little next year.  First was Firm Foundation Christian School in Battle Ground.  I had been there last year.  Then Green Mountain Elementary in the middle of nowhere.  That sounds rude, but this place makes Corbett seem like the big city!  Check it out here on Google maps:  Green Mountain School then zoom out and you’ll see what I mean.  I’ve never been to a school that has no town or city within a 10 mile drive.  In fact the road says DEAD END and has no center lane leading up to it.  But it sure was a nice place out in the woods on a sunny day.  No need for Outdoor School for these kids; it really did look like and smell like summer camp.  3rd school of the day was Yacolt Primary.  175 1st graders…very well behaved and nice kids!  I read a book and showed them the tornado video.  Hopefully no one feels I’m racial profiling, but I’ve never seen so many blonde kids in one room in my life!  I’m fascinated by history so I had to look that one up on Google.    Apparently a high percentage of Finns settled in northern Clark County and have a very tight knit religious community…who knew?  Not this German/Danish mutt married to an English/Native American.  Maybe I should get out more.  Anyway, to cap off the visit…7 different classes snapped pictures.  It was like those long photo sessions on wedding day.  Lots of fun, but then a long drive back here to the station on the west side of the Metro area.

Pretty quiet weather the next 3 days…just weak waves giving us clouds and maybe a shower or two tomorrow and Saturday.  Then Sunday is the day BEFORE a wet cold front for Monday.  Even next week just looks showery at times…very typical April weather.  I sure don’t see a long period of wet weather ahead.  No real chilly weather either, just seasonally cool next week (highs 55-60?).

This picture has NOTHING to do with today's post. A Flat Stanley made it to KPTV from Wolf Creek Elementary in Aurora, IL. I figured I should let him help out at the Chroma-Key.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen