A New Face In The Weather Center

April 14, 2010

From time to time we have weather interns here in the weather center.  Depending on how many credits they are earning at their college, they spend a few hours to a couple days a week…generally for about a two month period.  Today we’ve got a new one…Yevgeniy Kostenko.  You may recognize the name…he’s a regular here on the blog.  At this exact moment he’s messing around with the radar, watching that thunderstorm near Silver Falls.  But I’ll pull him away and have him write something here.  The picture is from Steph.  The one with her UO Ducks Snuggie didn’t turn out as well, but someday I’ll have to show you all that one.  Apparently it’s been really cold in here lately.

“Hey guys, it is awesome here in the weather center and Mark Nelsen is awesome. First day here is really pleasant, I think the studio looks a little smaller than expected…but it is still very nice to be here! Everyone here is open to talk to as well, a very enjoyful experience for me to say the least. These next few months here should be fun! …Yevgeniy”

By the way, if you are a college student that is interested in weather AND in coursework heading towards a meteorology degree, an internship might work for you (or us).  Send me a note if that’s the case.

On to weather…some thunderstorms popping up over the Cascades this afternoon.  As of 4:15pm the closest strikes I’ve seen have been right around Silver Falls SE of Silverton.  That storm has weakened.  I’m not TOO excited about the possibility of thunderstorms tonight.  Nice divergence in the upper atmosphere along with SE flow up above too would give us a good chance, but I’d like to see warmer temps here at the surface.  We DO get a nice onshore push this evening coming up the Valley, so that could help.  Tough call.  The WRF-GFS is very impressive with showers turning to a band of solid rain moving north over us overnight.  Our RPM is much more pathetic with the showers.  Considering all the activity going on right now, I’d tend to believe the wetter WRF-GFS.  Either way, keep an eye on the radar this evening!

Real nice weather coming up the next 4 days…good news because I have more spring garden/yard tasks to take care of.  Apparently the upper-level low I talked about two nights ago IS going to stay a little farther offshore, giving us warmer temps.  We should be able to hit 70 for only the 2nd time this season on Friday.  Sunday maybe a bit above???