Vacation Time

March 18, 2010

I’m taking an unusually long vacation for TV people…two whole weeks beginning Friday.  I haven’t done that since late winter 2003.  Poor Rod Hill had to work 16 days in a row.  What a jerk I was eh?  I’ll be back on Friday, April 2nd.

Generally you don’t see TV people take long periods of time off at once.  That’s because viewers get used to seeing a certain person on at a certain time.  If you disappear for a month, a viewer that enjoys watching you wonders if you’re in rehab, trekking around the globe, or having a mental breakdown.    I’m always amazed that after just one week I get emails from viewers asking if I’ve been fired or what kind of illness I’ve contracted.

So please behave on the blog…I’ll leave comments on.  I’ll be quite far away in a warm place, but with occasional internet access.  If there are any issues I’ll just turn comments off until I get back.

We’ll see if the vacation curse strikes again.  Hopefully not a windstorm with gusts to 70 mph @ PDX!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen