Busy night, but dead weather

March 17, 2010

No nice picture tonight, since the weather is REALLY slow for about 3 more days.  High pressure is settling in and shifts east of the Cascades a bit tomorrow for light offshore flow.  That should give us about 5 degrees of warming combined with a warmer atmosphere overhead.

Friday will give us one gusty east wind day as high pressure settles into the Columbia Basin and Intermountain region.  I’m worried that could cap PDX’s high temperature close to 60 degrees, while the areas away from the gusty east wind pop up into the mid 60s.

I did some fairly serious  surgery on the 7 Day forecast tonight.   Probably more than day surgery, but not a total open-heart, days at the hospital sort of thing.  A trough swings overhead later Saturday quite a bit closer to us than indicated just 24 hours ago.  We get the ol’ warm season double whammy of strong onshore flow Saturday evening plus a much colder airmass above.  For example we go from +9 deg at 850mb early Saturday to -1 or -2 Sunday morning!  We’ll go from warm and sunny to chilly and showery in just one day.  Saturday’s forecast high is a real tough one.  Depends on the timing of the trough and marine push.  Could be 62 or could be 68, I’m leaning towards the cooler one.  Strong easterly wind in the Gorge early Saturday morning goes gusty westerly by evening…spring must be here!

After that just cool and showery off/on next week.  I’m headed out for a long vacation beginning Friday, so I’ll try to post a few thoughts tomorrow around 6pm before I go home.  Tonight’s 10pm newscast will be the last for me until Friday, April 2nd!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen