It Could Be Warmer

March 10, 2010

Remember this warm stretch of weather 5 years ago? 4 days at/above 70 in early March! Hard to beat that this time of year. Now it was 66 last Saturday, and next Monday looks warm too.  Between now and that time it looks very wet.  Nice baroclinic zone (cold front/warm front/occluded front) sits right over us from later tonight through Friday morning.  Tomorrow should be just plain wet all day.  Then more to showery weather Friday.  Weekend still looks much better with mainly dry weather Sunday and Monday.

Not a real insightful post, but I’m just coming off those sickie days answering emails, answering a phone call from a person starting a phone conversation with “what are your days off?” (strange…), and we have some much faster new computers which needed babysitting.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

Powder Alert

March 10, 2010

Drew issued one (sounds official doesn’t it?) for today up in the Cascades.  Get it quickly today because it turns very wet at lower elevations tomorrow, and a rain/snow mix up above.  Details on the menu up above.