Back to Dry

February 15, 2010

A fun weekend for the Nelsens full of cultural enlightenment at the Monster Truck Monster Jam.   My kids need to be exposed to their heritage don’t they?  Plus my 9 year old son has collected something like 25 of those little trucks, so he was super-excited to go.  Wow…$8.50 for a drink?  No wonder I don’t head to our local sports arena much!  My friend got the prize for “first mullet sighting” though.  That would be ANOTHER $8.50 gone out of my pocket…

Moving on to the weather; a very clearly defined weather pattern coming up the next 7 days…REX BLOCK.  The details are a bit tricky, but they probably lead to the same effect…very dry.

An upper-level ridge develops just to our west and north Wednesday, then gradually gets pinched off as we head into the weekend.  Cold air slides down to our east Friday-Monday as undercutting systems start moving into California once again.  As of now it appears that dry northeasterly flow at the surface and above limits cloud cover and definitely rain.  That’s why Steph and I took the rain out of the weekend forecast.  I did just adjust the 7 Day forecast temps down a bit due to increasingly cool surface wind from the northeast.  I doubt we have  chance of hitting 60 anywhere beyond Friday, and maybe not even Thursday or Friday themselves.  But no matter the temperature, it’s going to feel like spring Wednesday-Friday afternoons with no cloud cover and temps at least well into the 50s.

So last Thursday/Friday I had decided to “pull the plug on Winter” either today or Tuesday on the air.  In fact I think I came up with that glorious idea while in the shower or ironing some shirts.  The plan was to make a big deal of the fact that I think we’re done with our chance for a big freeze or significant snow (2″ or more at PDX, the snowy grass in the city in March doesn’t count).  BUT, I got cold feet after seeing different variations of moisture just to our south and cold air just to our northeast this weekend and early next week.  It would be a risky move until the 7-10 day forecast resolves those details a bit better don’t you think?

Enjoy the rain tonight…looks real dry over the next week!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen