10pm Update

Gradient is increasing rapidly this evening with gusts to around 40 mph already at Troutdale and Corbett. I noticed the 12z WRF-GFS showed about 6 millibars at 10pm and that’s about where we are. Colder and drier air is coming south down the east slopes of the Cascades and Central Basin of Washington too. The main issue this evening for the Gorge is whether there is even any moisture left for freezing rain or snow by 4am or so. I notice our model and WRF-GFS dry out quickly after daybreak, so this may just be an event where we see very light amounts of snow and freezing rain out there and it really doesn’t turn into a big deal.

I see the NWS evening discussion mentioned the possibility of freezing rain even to the Metro area Thursday night or Friday. It’s definitely something to watch, but I’m not to excited about it since we don’t get a nice period of cold/clear nights to cool the valleys down.

Next week is looking a bit wetter, but not much cooler in the mountains. I see Timberline has seen well over 3″ of rainfall in the last 30 hours or so. We haven’t seen such a dump of rain at that elevation in midwinter for 2 winters!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

  2. Mr Data says:

    I still think that the Polar High over Britian is somehow making our ridge also strong as both have been equally stubborn to go away.

    I am a strong 99% believer in the theroy that weather far away can mess around with the high/low pressure systems of where we live.

    ESPECALLY if there are any unusually strong pressure changes that won’t go away.

  3. boydo3 N Albany says:

    Looks like in the long range we will be on the north side of the Jet. Hopefully that translates into more snow in the mountains. We need it.

  4. 41.8F…East wind gusts to 21mph…

  5. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Surface Gradients
    As of 8 PM|Current|Hourly Change
    PDX-DLS: -8.8mb | 0.2mb Decrease
    TTD-DLS: -8.0mb | 0.1mb Decrease
    OTH-GEG: -14.3mb | 0.5mb Increase

  6. flurball says:

    The coast is actually reporting more wide spread higher sustained wind and a few higher gusts than the most of the PDX area. Newport gust at 43 mph

  7. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Very eerie outside. As I stood outside I encountered gusts 35-42mph. The eerie part is I can hear periods of wind bursts above me that couldn’t be any higher a few hundred feet, but they sound incredible. The winds aloft must be beginning to increase substantially as the models have shown things peaking tomorrow AM. I think the wind event/storm is about to begin.

  8. boydo3 N Albany says:

    Go bloggers, just saw ya on ch 8!

  9. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    The wind is becoming CRAZY outside. Just 1 step below raging.

    Gusty. Howling. Roaring. CRAZY. R-A-G-I-N-G
    Almost there.

    Surface Gradients
    As of 6 PM|Current|Hourly Change
    PDX-DLS: -9.1mb | 0.6mb Increase
    TTD-DLS: -8.2mb | 0.2mb Increase
    OTH-GEG: -14.0mb | 0.1mb Increase

  10. Denny (Milwaukie Or.) says:

    Do you think we are going to see anymore snow in portland in the near future

    • Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

      I would say not over the next 7-14 days. Unless we get some unforeseen radiational cooling coupled with low dewpoints… Really the only thing we could get is some sort of brief overrunning event where precip moves up over the colder dry air below leading to a evaporative cooling situation like we saw last Tuesday.

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