Snow Totals Ver 1.0

Okay…it’s that time.

Post your snow totals ONLY in the comments.  Any other discussion of weather needs to continue in the other posts.

1. Total on ground

2. Location

3. Elevation if you know it.

248 Responses to Snow Totals Ver 1.0

  1. dale says:

    5in in out in Dayton we are at 150 feet

  2. dale says:

    5 in out in dayton

  3. Michael Goss says:

    2.5″ in Milwaukie at about 160′

    About 2″ near Clackamas Town Center at about 180′

  4. WEATHERDAN says:

    2″ By Bush Park in South central Salem. 200 feet.

  5. Anna Scappoose says:

    5 inches at 216 feet

  6. Andy-Corbett 997' says:

    4″ of new here at work in Hood River.

  7. bart says:

    4 solid inches … ridge above Spirit Mountain Casino …480′

    Hwy 22 to Coast is still snow packed … not much clearing yet

  8. Thomas says:

    Out final total out here at st.Helens is 5″ at 90 feet

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