Coastal Radar is Coming!

3 Years from now a new NWS radar will be scanning the skies over the Washington and N. Oregon Coastline.

Great news on Cliff Mass’s blog this morning.  Apparently the much-needed coastal radar is included in the final bill signed by President Obama recently.  So everything is on track for a new radar to be installed somewhere on the South or Central Washington Coastline in less than 3 years from now.  Most likely within 40 miles of Aberdeen/Hoquiam.  This will finally get rid of the big hole in coverage to our northwest.  I call our part the “Astoria Hole”.  It’s much worse on the S.W. side of the Olympics…almost no coverage there. 

The current placement of the Portland radar is the best that could be expected back in 1995 with one radar in N.W. Oregon.  It was put up at about 1800′ on Dixie Mtn. to the southwest of Scappoose.  Great coverage of summertime thunderstorms and wintertime rain/snow in the Cascades and Valleys, but the compromise was horrible coastal coverage.  Keep in mind that we can’t see much of anything along the coastline below maybe 8,000-10,000 feet.  Sure we get the big picture, but no low-level details.  IF a radar had been installed at the Coast instead of the Valleys, our coverage here in the Valleys and Cascades would have been terrible, so the NWS did the best they could here in the mountainous West!

You can read more about it here at Cliff’s Blog.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

766 Responses to Coastal Radar is Coming!

  1. SilentReader says:

    up over the fog it is 43F and sunny.

    killing time until the relatives arrive.

    Hope all of you have a great christmas.


  2. Boydo3 N Albany 500' says:

    32 here. RUDOLF!!!!

  3. Snow-Zone/Monmouth-Elv200' says:

    36F and still socked in. About 1deg colder now than this time yesterday.

  4. Danny in Troutdale says:

    Hey I looked outside for the first time this morning at around 10am. My deck and most of the street was wet!! I may be late on the news but did we get any kind of frozen precip this morning?!?! lol. If we did break the news to me softly because I would of missed it and I would be very upset! lol

    Have a great resy of you week I going to the beach with some friends wont be back till next tuesday!! SEe YA!!!

  5. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Appears the strongest winds will be Friday night-Saturday night according to the 12z WRF-GFS 4km cross-section model.

    50kts sustained just off the surface.

  6. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Temp: 40.3
    Dewpoint: 26
    Gusty east winds

  7. A frosty fog to start the day, low of 29.3.

    Now bright sunshine and brisk at 35.0. Kind of loving it…and frankly very happy to avoid the travel hassles that presented themselves last year at this time (as beautiful as it was). Echoing others, just happy it’s not like blah 50s. At least there’s a chill in the air and that helps it feel like Christmas. 😉

  8. Still fogged in here but some areas are clearing out.

    Where the fog has lifted, we have been treated to a beautiful winter “frosted” wonderland!…..


  9. Tyler in Hazel Dell says:

    Finally the east wind has picked up at Troutdale…I thought that would happen there around 1 this morning since the east winds were already gusty at Rooster Rock.

    • Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

      I know what you mean. Generally when we’re at the onset of an east wind episode Troutdale will develop east wind 1-3 hours after Corbett or Rooster Rock. Instead this morning the east wind remained above river level probably 250′ and higher into parts of Troutdale and Gresham.

  10. Mr Data says:

    BTW 2 Dollar: You have inalienable rights to believe in your narrow concept of religion vs Spirituality and I’ll respect that.

    You have the right to even scream and cry @#!Q#!$ about it if you want as long as you let me KEEP MY EXPERIENCES and not bash them to the ground and also until the government controls what you say about Religion vs Spirituality since they are 2 VERY separate things.

    Religion and spirituality can never mingle just like order and chaos but both cannot exist without each other at the same time.

  11. Jesse-Orchards says:

    This is pretty nice weather for Christmas IMO, it’s dry, soon to be sunny, and cold. It was cool to see fog hang around all day like it did yesterday, kind of gives the Christmas lights an ethereal glow. As long as we hold off zonal flow and temps in the 50s as long as possible, I’ll be happy. There’s really no worse kind of winter weather in the NW.

    I still see possible potential for this weekend in early next week, as well. 850 temps will be at freezing or below and the surface looks like it could be cold enough for some kind of frozen precip.

  12. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    37.6 and now it has definitely has become breezy to gusty here.

    Surface Gradients
    As of 11 AM|Current|Hourly Change
    PDX-DLS: -5.5mb | 0.5mb Increase
    TTD-DLS: -6.5mb | 0.7mb Increase
    [Cross Cascade]
    OTH-GEG: -9.9mb | 0.2mb Increase

  13. Mr Data says:

    I am also sorry for misspelling words when I am *upset* to say at the least like I am now.

  14. Mr Data says:

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    • BrianInKeizer says:

      I am lost.

    • Aloha Rainshadow says:

      huh, wow?

    • Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

      You got no rights on the web. 😉

    • 2 Dolla Bill says:

      You have a feud with God? Let me know how that one works out for you.

    • Annie in Vancouver ~330 ft. says:

      Whoa, calm down Tetra!! You’ve gotta learn to lighten up, take a joke, and learn that the comments on here don’t have a single thing to do with your relationship with God. It’s BO WAY a reflection of whether God loves you or not. Since you talk about God often, you should really know this already.

      Really, don’t take everything so seriously! Be Merry and Joyful and Light!

      Merry Christmas 🙂

  15. Mr Data says:

    My email has been cutt off because we swithed internet services because we were getting ripped off and now are getting what we pay for.

  16. Mr Data says:

    Test post: My comment needs moderation for some reason:

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  17. Mr Data says:

    I will not stand idle to injustice.

    Now back to weather: 33.6F for some strange reason the temp never went ONCE below freezing due to effects I cannot understand w2hile Portland went to 28F and freezing Fog.

  18. Jethro (Molalla ~320') says:

    12z GFS doesn’t show anything too exciting. We get split between two lows Sunday, with the possibility of some very light moisture here. 850mb temps will likely be too warm for snow, and temps at the surface will likely be too warm for any other form of frozen precip.

    After that it’s more boring, stagnant air until New Years, then the good stuff comes and we go zonal baby! Bring back the 50’s and the drip-drip-drip!

    Went for a run in the fog this morning… 33 degrees and 100% humidity feels quite cold!

  19. Currently a fogged-in 28.2°….

    Merry Christmas to all!

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