A Close Call Tonight!

December 14, 2009

The title refers to the cold and dry air pouring through the Gorge tonight.  Models had forecast this pretty well.  Remember about 5 days ago when the GFS showed a massive surge of arctic air through the Gorge tonight? (Pic is in an earlier post).  Well, it’s a nice blast of cold/dry air tonight, but imagine what we WOULD have seen!  For now I see gusts heading near 40 mph at Troutdale and 45-50 mph at Rooster Rock.  Snow is falliing heavily in the Gorge and Corbett is down to 33.  Just about all of the Metro area is down into the upper 30s as well.  It’s a cold rain!  We should have just about bottomed out on the falling temps.  Maybe another 2-3 degrees maximum before the east wind backs off maybe 6 hours from now.  That does allow freezing rain to develop into the hills of Gresham, Corbett, and above Camas/Washougal the next few hours.  Hope my pathetic little Prius (good mileage but useless in snow/ice) can take me home before the road ices up.  Usually the 4Runner is the snow vehicle, but, well, I thought it would be slightly warmer this evening.  Nice forecast wasn’t it?

Not much else to talk about in the forecast because it’s just very mild and wet the next 3 days.  A ton of very wet snow on the mountain tonight and tomorrow, but quite a bit of that may get washed away Wednesday-Friday as temps rise.  Enjoy the fresh stuff tomorrow because I think snow conditions will go downhill as we head towards teh “schools out” week next week. 

There is some disagreement about how much the rain shuts off this weekend and early next week.  The ECMWF is quite a bit drier than the GFS.  I’m leaning a bit more toward the ECWMF for now.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen