December 8, 2009

Not a real wordy title is it?  I see the 12z WRF-GFS and now the 12z ECMWF are totally dry Saturday and Sunday over Northwest Oregon.  GFS has some very light precip.  Now you can all discuss that today.

5pm Update:  The 18z GFS has no significant precipitation now until Monday night!  By the way, I see the 12z 850mb temp at PDX was -12.  Finally, looks like models did relatively well with the cold airmass, both upper levels and lower levels.  It’s really too bad we didn’t get snow cover on the ground.  I’m confident we would have seen some below zero temps westside.

10pm Update:  I’m going to stick with our dry forecast for Saturday.  00z GFS went out on it’s own allowing moisture to surge up into here Saturday.  It seems to be flipping around like a salmon dry-docked.  The new 00z ECMWF has no precipitation until Monday when a strong system comes up from the southwest.  Almost exactly the same as it’s 12z run.  If so, we’d get a brief period of freezing rain at best near the Gorge only.  Or we could just gradually warm up over the weekend and get nothing.  It’s safest not to touch the forecast at this point.

Well, it’s getting REALLY cold in areas out of the wind.  Gorge gradient is hanging on, so areas right near the mouth of the Gorge will probably stay right around 20.  Everyone else is going to be somewhere between 5 & 15 degrees tonight!  Some spots will be colder, others stay about the same.  Some plants are going to be dead next spring!

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

Coldest Since 1998! Post Your Lows

December 8, 2009

Portland Airport just recorded it’s coldest temperature in 11 years. The wind briefly dropped off, allowing the temp to touch 14 degrees! The last time we were that cold was during the cold blast of December 1998! Imagine what would have happened with snow cover on the ground. I think that was the case in 1972…I see we hit 8 degrees on this date that year and Salem got down to -12! So no record lows this morning.

Alright, now it’s time for your participation. Just like we do snow totals; put in your location and low temperature only. Keep discussion in the previous entry or I’ll delete it.

This is what I have from the official stations after the 10am ASOS minimum temps reported: