A Dusty Gift Today

I just now got back into town from emceeing the Seaside Providence Festival of Trees.  Crystal clear skies and blowing sand at the beach, really chilly!  Then nice until we got down towards North Plains.  It progressively got dustier and dustier looking until Troutdale where you could hardly see 10 miles to Larch Mtn.   Then I remembered how the models showed strong northeast wind across eastern Washington.  Looks like the very dry air and wind has brought dust right over the Cascades and through the Gorge.

I’ve looked at NOTHING else, so I’ll post my thoughts about the upcoming weather later this evening when I get a chance.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen

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  1. Camas Mom says:

    Wind is howling out here!

  2. PaulO says:

    Thanks! Me 2 even if I have to go to PDX at 4am.

  3. 27.1 here … looks like while I was away from the house, the power went out at some point. Clocks blinking…

  4. PaulO says:

    My wife’s flight from Newark got diverted to Helena tonight with an engine out. The plane was too large for the terminal gates there so they had to take a -5 (-20 WCI) stroll across the taxiway. I hope CO finds them a new plane soon. Makes me kind of glad I am in Portland. At least they are safe!

  5. Andrew (Ellensburg, WA) says:

    Whats going on with the 00z? Showing negative 20’s for here in Ellensburg, Wa Tuesday


  6. Snow-Zone/Monmouth-Elv200' says:


  7. stevied (North Portland) says:

    Do you think this would be rain or frz rain on Sunday at 1am next wknd? My gut thinks maybe frz rain. That’s a fairly strong east wind, and factoring in evap cooling, maybe so.

  8. muxpux says:

    19.3 here, 21, dp 18 at the kelso airport. i know the wind is calm, but i thought this was a dry airmass? if its super dry out to the beaches, why not here?

    • Jesse-Orchards says:

      The DP is higher at the Kelso airport because it’s likely the airmass has decoupled there, meaning the lowest level of it (the “boundary layer”) has broken off from the movement of the airmass above and formed it own kind of microcosm. When that happens temps generally drop quickly but DPs also rise.

  9. Not much wind right now either
    NNW@2 G4

  10. Oops

    hit the wrong key lol

    Temp – 29.2
    RH – 44%
    Baro 29.91 and steady
    DP is still a little high at 10.4F but I’m sure it wil plummet here shortly

  11. Hey all:

    Startin to get cold
    Temp – 29.2

  12. Matthew says:

    27f at my house as of 9:30pm. The east wind is a bad thing if you want colder temps it would appear.

  13. muxpux says:

    19.8!!!!! at the house in Longview.

    went outside to smoke, and geeeez its cold.

    thinking about a dip in the hottub. only problem…going from the house to the hottub, and then the dreaded return when your wet, haha

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