A Hair Raising Scare

November 10, 2009

snapshotSome heavy showers developed late today and moved through the region.  Lots of lightning strikes offshore again during the afternoon.  There were no cloud to ground lightning strikes in the Portland Metro Area this evening either, but there WERE some cloud to cloud flashes.

Speaking of lightning, a student from OES (Lori Rumker) was in here interviewing me about meteorology and relayed a great story.  She was at soccer practice on the field in SW Portland around 4:30pm.  Suddenly all the player’s hair started sticking up…or at least the smaller hairs were standing up.  This went on for maybe 20 seconds or so.  They were in a dangerous situation!  Anyone familiar with lightning knows this is a sign that lightning may be about to strike in your location.  There is a famous picture of hikers on top of a mountain in California; hair standing on end.  Within a minute or so lightning hit.

The main story with the upcoming weather is cold and snow.  Looks to me that the snow level may dip as low as 1,500′ on Friday as a wave of showers follows Friday morning’s cold front.  It dries out Friday night as the coldest air moves in.  The total snowfall from tonight + tomorrow night’s system + the colder system Friday should easily make it to 18″ in the highe elevations…very impressive for mid November.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen