Now That’s A Shortwave!

November 7, 2009

I tried to stay away from weather today, but it is well…weather, so I couldnt’ hold back any longer.  lightning1Quite an exciting 18 hours it’s been!  A Tornado is now confirmed at Lincoln City last night as a strong thunderstorm moved onshore, then lots more lightning early this morning along the Coast.  The shortwave producing this is now moving through the Western Valleys and Cascades, dumping some moderate to heavy rain and making for a very chilly Saturday afternoon.  Looks like some spots are approaching 1″ rainfall as we head towards the 4pm hour.  Lots of reports of minor street flooding (lots of leaves?).  The snow is now hitting the Cascades hard too.  Should be easy to get a quick 6-8″ with this precip. intensity.  Much calmer tomorrow, so I’m checking out again unless a Tsunami/Asteriod hits…

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen