Stormy Coast Today

November 5, 2009

snapshotIt’s been a stormy afternoon on the Oregon and Washington Coast! Here are the peak wind gusts as of 4pm. Of course Mt. Hebo is up at 3,000′ or so…don’t get too excited over that one. Quite a “sucker hole” over the Metro area right now with brightening skies and warm temps. That’s going to end quickly with rain moving over the Coast Range right now. The cold front (and the end of the strong wind) has passed the “Tillamook” Buoy, about 80 miles west of the bay. It should be on the beaches by 7pm at the latest and through the Metro area around 8-9pm. Then it’s on to a solid stream of showers all night tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy the rainy/windy evening!snapshot

And here are the peak gusts in the North Valley.  Not exactly a raging southerly windstorm eh?  But I sure didn’t expect one either.  I think gusts 35­­40 mph covered it just fine.  I just updated the coastal wind graphic up above as well.

Plenty of onshore flow now moving in behind the cold front at 10pm.  Lots of lightning suddenly showing up on the radar map as well.  Strikes just east of Newport, a bunch almost right over Ocean Shores, WA, and a bunch west of Lincoln City…maybe 40 miles offshore.  Lots more cold unstable air moves inland the next 48 hours.  Could be pretty active!

I’m just about out of time for this evening, but not too much to talk about.  Looks like a good wave comes through Saturday for a big snow dump on the mountain.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen