Lots of Rain Ahead

November 4, 2009

snapshotSeems like we are overdue for a good November soaking if you look at the graph above.  Notice only two Novembers this decade have seen above average rainfall.  We’ve had 3 dry if you count 2000 too.

Quite a storm wrapping up in the Gulf of Alaska this evening!  It’ll bottom out around 945-950mb tomorrow.  The cold front with this system moves through Portland sometime after 6pm.  Ahead of it we’ll see a good soaking and gusty southerly wind.   Not a major storm by any means, but some high winds at the Coast and a rough evening commute inland.

Behind this storm we’ll see a near-constant feed of moisture from the west in the form of waves of showers.  We’ll probably see constant snow in the mountains from Friday morning through Sunday morning.  We get a break Sunday before a stronger cold front moves through Monday.

As of right now I don’t see anything that screams windstorm, flooding, or snow to low elevations in the next week.  But the combination of rain, wind, and cooler daytime temps will give us a strong indication that our real winter weather is just weeks away.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen