Adventures in Near Space

November 3, 2009

Over North-Central Oregon Halloween morning. The view from around 100,000' (or higher?) shows the curvature of the earth is visible from this height.

We get lots of viewer photos sent to the weather team; most are really good, some are not so good (shaky cell phone pics), and some…well…don’t really fit into either category.  The picture above is definitely the highest view we’ve ever received from a viewer!  To make a long story short, two local guys (Justin Hamel & Chris Thompson) decided to see if they could send a digital camera via balloon all the way up to 100,000′ or so.  After an initial attempt a few weeks ago, they had a stunning success last Halloween morning (October 31st).  The details and lots more pictures are on their website.  I love how the blackness of space starts to show even at that height.

I’ll post more about today’s wind, and stormy weather coming up in a few hours.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen