Gloomy & Wet

October 29, 2009

Whew!  That was one gloomy, drippy, moist, yucky day.  Looks like everyone had at least some rainfall.  The heaviest amounts have been helped along by some generous orographic lift.  That’s lifting of a moist airmass as it passes over hills or mountains.  In the case of today the flow has been from the west/northwest.  That means the west slopes of the Cascades have been very efficient rain collectors.  I see Larch Mtn. Washington has over 1.50″.  Timberline Lodge is up to 1.62″ for the last 24 hours; some of that was snow early in the day before it changed to rain. 

Snow depth is dropping quickly in the Cascades and most of it should be gone by the early part of next week at the latest.  Timberline was up to 23″ and has now dropped to 16″.  Mt. Hood Meadows has dropped from 20 to 14″.  Looking ahead, there is no significant period of mountain snow in the next 7 days, so ski season won’t start REAL early.  But who knows, maybe a quick change is in the works in the week two period and we’ll be skiing by November 15th?  One can hope I suppose.

Speaking of next week…what a mess on the weather maps.  The tendency is definitely there for either split flow or ridging over the eastern Pacific/western USA.  But each model and runs within each model itself have been different.  Drew and I chose to leave the forecast dry for now through next Wednesday or Thursday.  No reason to put rain in the forecast now and then have to take it out later.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen