Warm Front Thursday

October 28, 2009

Pretty quiet out there today and again this evening.  Radar has the “warm front look” this evening with bands of light rain (mountain snow) coming in from the northwest.  This continues through at least tomorrow morning.  By late morning we should see the actual warm front pass overhead.  Low clouds should lift a bit at that point and we could have some dry periods in the afternoon.  Otherwise another very gray, but slightly warmer, day is on the way.

Friday could end up being a very nice day for the 2nd to last day of October.  We will be in the warm sector of the approaching weather system.  That means the rain and maybe most of the clouds will have pushed to the north;  while at the same time the cold front will still be well offshore.  A freezing level around 10,000′ plus a southerly wind to mix the warm air down means temps shooting up into the 60s.  We could get a surprise 70 farther down the Valley near Eugene with plenty of clearing.

Long range still looks relatively dry and “ridgey”.  Not much rain after Saturday midday or so until at least the middle of next week at the earliest.  November is going to start a bit dry.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen