A Long Day

October 27, 2009

snapshotI went to 4 different schools in Woodland, Longview, and Clatskanie today. I actually enjoy traveling around the countryside, but it makes for a long day.  Whew!

So let’s talk weather.

SHORT RANGE: Snow totals were very impressive today. 22″ at Timberline, 5″ at Gov’t Camp, and around 18″ at Mt. Hood Meadows. Unfortunately all that is probably going to be gone by early next week at the latest. A warm front moves inland tomorrow night with clouds and light rain. Then we wait all the way until Friday night for the cold front to pass through. So we’ll have 36-48 hours of strongly orographic rainfall. Not much here in the Valleys during that period (less than .50″), but maybe 1-3″ in the mountains. And it WILL be all rain. Looks like snow levels may exceed 10,000′!

LONG RANGE: Previous discussion follows…(just kidding, had to do that for once). After the cold front passes late Friday night or early Saturday, it’s on to dry weather. The big change in models over the last 24 hours is a much stronger ridge developing over the West Coast. It doesn’t seem to matter which model…the trend is the same. That shunts rain farther to the north Saturday and Sunday. Then Monday and Tuesday storminess stays much farther offshore OR digs farther to the south (depends on model), keeping the ridging over us. Drew and I looked at each other and muttered the phrase “El Nino???“. We were probably being too dramatic, but the effect is the same; it’s looking pretty dry after Saturday morning.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen