A Monday Soaker and Weather Anchors

October 26, 2009

Looked like winter at 1pm.

Looks like winter has arrived at the lowest elevation so far this season in the Cascades.  The very sharp (and wet!) cold front has moved through the mountains, dropping the temp at Government Camp from around 50 at daybreak to around freezing right now.  That sensor in the image had read 2-4 degrees too cold for years by the way.  This is a much better reading from this ODOT Maintenance Station at the summit.  Bookmark that one for the winter (or is it “Favorite it”?).

A heck of a soaking down here in the Valleys too!  I see Metro area rain totals range from 1/4 to 2/3 inch at the official stations.   The foothill suburban locations have seen an inch or more.

I’ve been a bit lax on posting the last 4 days…not quite sure how to publicly handle some significant changes to our lineup of weather anchors.  We are all friends, so I’ve decided to keep it real simple.

Here’s the latest:  beginning next Monday Stephanie Kralevich will move to the weekday shows (4/5pm) and Drew Jackson will return to the weekend evenings (5/10pm).  I will retreat to a slightly later shift (8/10/11pm weekdays).  The main idea is to keep weather and news anchors (they are changing too) a bit more condensed timewise on their shifts.  We have more evening newscasts spread over a longer duration than any other station in town.   Much more can/could be said in private, but I think it’s fair to say one thing is likely; all three of us will be more content with where we are a year from now versus where we have been for the past year. 

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen


Stephanie Kralevich shot this; a screenshot from Dean Kirchem's home video. He lives just west of Eagle Creek, about 2 miles west across the Clackamas River. The video coming up at 10pm!