A Wild Night Down South

October 21, 2009

lightning2Quite a surprise across a good chunk of Western Oregon this morning.  Widespread thunderstorms erupted with a cold front as it’s been moving inland.  Anyone driving I-5 from Salem to Grant’s Pass probably had a heck of a light show beginning around 2am or so.  I even see one strike (equipment only detects cloud to ground strikes) here in the Metro area this morning, near Lake Oswego/West Linn.

Okay, off to volunteering at my kid’s school this morning.  It’s early for 4th grade math, but I’ll try to re-learn something again this week.

10:30pm Update:

Quite a bit of trauma and drama going on in the weather center today…changes ahead!  I’ll elaborate more on some shifting schedules in a few days.  But this means I ran out of time to add any other thoughts.  I’ll post tomorrow.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen