First Windstorm At Coast

October 14, 2009

snapshotLots of wind this morning at the Coast.  Definitely a bit more than expected.  Notice that even some of the coastal cities had gusts over 60 mph.  Even in winter that would a healthy storm.  Here in the Valley gusts generally remained below 35 mph.  All quiet now though as we are inbetween systems.  Tomorrow should be a very dead weather day as a weak warm front moves north…lots of clouds but not much rainfall.

Friday and Saturday are beginning to look quite a bit more interesting.  Some part of Northwest Oregon or Southwest Washington may really get soaked. Tons of moisture surges north and into the Pacific Northwest.  It’s definitely not a Pineapple Express, but not much different.  A narrow conveyor belt of moisture forms and sits generally overhead for about 24 hours.  Precipitable water forecast up around 1.40″ is juicy!  Add in a freezing level around 12,000′ (rain on the top of Mt. Hood), and we could have some early season flooding.  We’ll definitely keep an eye on it.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Nelsen