Turning Wet…

October 12, 2009
Now That's Windy!  We haven't seen wind like this in 47 years!

Now That's Windy! We haven't seen wind like this in 47 years!

A breezy and cool day again today.  I see only Vancouver made it to 60 degrees.  Once again for some reason that Pearson Airpark sensor seems to be 1 to 2 degrees too warm.  I’ve noticed that since last winter, then it seemed a bit too warm during the hot spell.  Anyway, a disappointing weekend with much warmer than expected low temps due to cloud cover both nights.

Dewpoints have been incredibly low the last 3 days…right now it’s 15 at PDX.  Gorge gradient is picking up now, approaching 6 millibars DLS to PDX.  This is due to an approaching surface low to the southwest.  Tomorrow is the “ice storm day” that we usually get after a cold outbreak.  Of course it’ll be about 20 degrees warmer than it is during the winter, but the sequence of events is the same.  Cool and dry offshore flow strengthens as the deep low approaches, then precipitation spreads over the cold air, giving us a very chilly day (54 at best tomorrow).  The east wind dies off and goes calm tomorrow evening/night, then southerly wind takes over by daybreak Wednesday.  That means rising temps tomorrow night.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see frozen precipitation in the upper Hood River Valley and southern Wasco County (Tygh Valley, Dufur etc…) as the precip. arrives tomorrow morning.

Lots of rain with good westerly or southwesterly flow begins tomorrow.  Models are very consistent showing at least 1-2″ in the driest parts of the Metro Area during the next week.  This is definitely the beginning of the wet season!

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen