Snowy Weekend Turns Sunny

October 5, 2009


Some impressive snow totals this past weekend.  The snow fell pretty much where expected, but it was a bit lighter than I expected in the Blues/Wallowas and a bit heavier than expected in Central Oregon.  It was very nice to see the clouds clear out quickly on Sunday afternoon though.

Very boring weather the next 5-7 days with an upper level high offshore and a cold trough across the middle of the country.  The cold air never gets close to us, but the warmest air stays mainly offshore too.  Speaking of offshore, due to shortwaves diving down just to our east, we don’t get decent offshore flow until the Friday-Monday period.  So we’ll see fog at times through at least Friday morning.  Also, a good surge comes in from the northwest tomorrow night.  I’m concerned that could lead to lots of low clouds that linger much of the day Wednesday.  We’re going for 65 Wednesday, but I could easily see 60-63.

Enjoy the warm sunshine!  It  looks like the remnants of Typhoon Melor (after it slams into Japan Wednesday) will fly across the Pacific, eventually giving us rain right around next Tuesday.

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen