Even More Smoke

Tumblebug and Boze fires are sure puking out the smoke this evening!...aiming for the Metro Area.

Tumblebug and Boze fires are sure puking out the smoke this evening!...aiming for the Metro Area.

Oh, this is exciting…something only you folks can appreciate.  I just glanced at our temp here at the station.  At 9:20pm it’s 81 degrees along Hwy. 26 in Beaverton.  But just 5 air miles west at HIO it’s 61 at 9pm!  So 20 degrees in 5 miles!  Ahh, the glory of fall inversions!

But we can top that.  I see Garry Kinney in Vernonia wins the Blue Ribbon Award for Diurnal Temp Range (I made that up) this year.  He had a low 0f 38 this morning and hit 92 this afternoon.  That would be a 54 degree temp range.

To be honest, I was sure disappointed in the low 90s we saw today.  Especially since we were well-mixed, but the east wind died down quite a bit away from the Gorge during peak heating time.  And to think that Tillamook was able to beat us in these conditions!!!  Well, good for Ben Randall (a regular contributor here).  After all, they have to put up with that 65 degree muck most of each summer…too gloomy for my tastes.  Speaking of that, opinions about Monday and Tuesday’s weather seem to be quite varied.  Some are tired of hot temps, but others seem to absolutely love the unusually warm and breezy evenings/mornings/nights we just had.  Sure, the 40s are refreshing this time of year, but you have to admit last night in the windy spots it sure felt like we were in the tropics.  I am in the 2nd group since I know cool and frosty nights are just around the corner.  Really, two weeks from now we could have several days with highs only in the 50s!

The wind was a bit stronger than I expected the first half of the day.  Corbett hit 52, Skamania: 47, Gresham: 44, and Troutdale: 38 mph.  That’s more like what we would expect with an early November east wind.  Now the pressure gradient has settle down to around 4 millibars PDX-DLS.  It should remain that way overnight and then go flat by mid-afternoon tomorrow at the latest.  It’ll be a strong westerly gradient by sometime tomorrow night when we get a marine push westside.  Speaking of that, tomorrow’s temp forecast is tough.  A weak push late in the day plus a loss of easterly downslope flow shoudl keep us in the 80s.  I’m thinkin 85-88 at PDX.

The general pattern of warm and dry weather continues through Monday, but I see the GFS has been trending much colder and a bit wet in the Monday Night to Tuesday period.  In fact the 00z GFS has a 535 thickness over us Tuesday AM.  That would produce a dusting of snow down to Gov’t Camp possibly.  Definitely a sign of Fall there.

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen

101 Responses to Even More Smoke

  1. k5mitch says:

    57.2F and nice on-shore flow-oh it feels so good.

  2. Tetra says:

    My parents want to know if it will be cold enough to warrent the heat before they or I head to bed since I stay up later.

    68F at the Salem Airport now and 64.8F on my damaged weather station.

  3. Nice refreshing breeze tonight….

    67.4F with a light, north wind blowing…

  4. Josh "The Snowman" From Everett, WA says:

    Geez, guys. I mention girls and a case of beer and you focus on the truck trying to get up the hill.

    You guys are sick 🙂

    • ghcshweather says:

      I am married to the girl of my dreams, and I can drink beer whenever I want. But the video with all that snow looks awesome, I cannot wait!!! LOL

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