Fading Daylight & El Nino Update

August 25, 2009

snapshot[5]I took a nice bike ride between the 5pm and 10pm shows tonight.  Up into the West Hills via Germantown Rd. and Cornell.  Real nice & smooth road;  quit a change after bumping along on dusty trails while on vacation.  I sure noticed the change in evening light within the last two weeks.  By 7:45pm it was starting to get a bit dim already.  I see we’re moving back into the 7 o’clock hour sunsets again too.  Seems like the seasons moves faster and faster as we get older.  Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t conceive of the time required to pass from one Christmas to the next? junk Speaking of Christmas…I see El Nino conditions are still looking likely for this upcoming winter.  You can click on the image for a much better view.  The Climate Prediction Center models all seem to peak out the intensity in the November-January timeframe.  Quite a range on intensity though.  Just a few go for weak to neutral conditions;  at the other extreme some have a very strong event developing.  None flip it to a La Nina.  The consensus is for at least a moderate El Nino for this upcoming winter.  The models (and CPC) did pretty well with La Nina, so we’ll see what happens this time.

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen