More Changes in the Weather Center

So we have all heard that we have a new weekend weather guy starting fairly soon.  If not see Marks post about it (maybe a week ago).  He is really awesome and is going to be present here on the Blog from what I hear.  Well, I have my own news to contribute,  I have taken a job in North Dakota doing weekend weather. 

I have loved every minute I’ve spent at Fox12 and without them I would not have this new opportunity.  I thank them for that.  I will still continue to read this blog, and maybe write some replies, but this time as a viewer!  I am really excited about my new job, which I will be starting in early September.  The new station has an awesome weather team that I should fit right in with. 

And for all of you blog followers, I want to thank you for welcoming me and the years of entertainment.  Yes I read this thing long before I worked here.  I’m a weather geek, what can I say!

Now for something more weather related, wow it’s cold out there right now, midday and only 68!  I was able to fly in Air12 today and we ran into some decent rain over parts of the valley.  There was some pretty low cloud cover so we had to fly over Lake Oswego to get into downtown.  And driving home from the station it was misting really hard, especially near Sylvan.  Did anyone else see some form of H2O fall from the sky today?
And from the Sat , or looking up 🙂  we still have some decent clouds satellite_640x480trapped in the valley.  I am not sure how much clearing we will get now. 
Meteorologist  – Rob Martin

82 Responses to More Changes in the Weather Center

  1. 42.7° this morning, currently 49.7° and sunny skies.

  2. Snow-Zone/Monmouth-Elv200' says:

    Currently 49.1F after a low of 44.4F. The earliest I have ever had a frost is September 21, it was a light frost though just on the cars nothing on the ground.

  3. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    I believe I hit a low of 45.9 early this morning, it might go a bit lower. The coldest low since June 30th.

  4. Tetra says:

    It’s 60.4F with a dew point of 41F here so maybe your right. Only time will tell………though I don’t know what he will tell.

    I had a high of 83F today while my parents BBQ food. I think it is porkchops and a poor attempt at hamburgers and mom did make realllllly yummmy homemade potato salad cause she needed to get rid of potatos that were getting old or they would be unusable. :p

    Now on to other matters. Did you know that as of August 20th we werer at 41 days without a single sun spot? and SIX STATES broke all time coldest July on record up in the Midwest?

    Not single towns or on certian days but all time monthly record!

    Did you know we have been the warmest in the country if you just look at averages alone for this particular summer for the country?

    California the usual hot spot hasn’t had any too unusal hot weather and no real *Heatstorms*

  5. Tetra says:

    The weather must realllllllllllllly be boring for it to be this quiet. I hope this month I can have my first low in the 40s as usually I have to wait till Mid or late September.

    • Jesse-Orchards says:

      You should get in the 40s tonight, Tetra.

      Mid-40s are looking like a lock for me. 59 currently, with a DP of 47.

  6. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Gosh, don’t see too many cells on the Las Vegas radar… Thought it would have been far more impressive. Just a few isolated warnings.

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