A Few Goals & Vacation Time

junkI have one last week of vacation to use next week, which means I won’t be back posting on here until the 24th.  Although Drew or Rob may post in my absence.  

I just realized that my “goals” are due.  It’s one of those really annoying business things where we set goals for the upcoming year and then see how we did next summer.  You know,  “I will exceed our customer’s expectations during the upcoming fiscal year”.   Since the system appears to be down for now, how about 3 weather goals instead?

1.  A good windstorm.  I’d like to see widespread gusts 70-85 mph here in the Western Valleys…well forecast of course so that no one gets hurt.  Needs to start about 11am so we have lots of prep time leading up to it and it’ll pretty much be over by late afternoon.  Then you get the maximum effect; really good video and we can see what’s going on with the daylight.

2.  A quick 2 day snowstorm during the upcoming El Nino winter…maybe 12″ in the city and 24″ in the western Gorge.  Similar to the January 1998 storm.

3.  A deep freeze without any snow.  Low temps in the single digits in the outlying areas for at least 3 days, plus at least 5 days with highs only in the 20-25 degree range.  Sunshine on top of that as well would be nice.  We’d probably need a good 4″ or so of snow cover to get that done.

4.  April/May:  5 sunny days in the 70s each week, followed by 2 rainy days in the 50s…continue pattern for 2 months.

That should do it.  Hopefully it’s not too much to ask for???

I put the 7 Day forecast up here…we’ll see how far off the forecast is by the time we get to the middle of next week!

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen

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  1. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Now if we lived in Florida during the summer, we would be having two of the best kinds of weather nearly every day!

    Thunderstorms with very heavy rain, and if your not under a thunderstorm, its warm and sunny with a breeze!

  2. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    models show a brief bout of warmth again, but not too hot. maybe some high 80’s out it.

  3. Tetra says:

    Guess Jesse stil has the Western Weather blood in her. [url=http://www.smileyhut.com][IMG]http://www.smileyhut.com/naughty/axe.gif[/IMG][/url]

    It is 70F here and wall to wall clouds. So long heat!! Come again next summer or not.

    I’m outta here since marine layer days usually call for E-slappin around here. [url=http://www.smileyhut.com][IMG]http://www.smileyhut.com/naughty/bicycle.gif[/IMG][/url]

    *Tetra getting on his bicycle.

  4. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Albany, NY under severe thunderstorms…

    A watch includes them too.

  5. Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

    That marine layer is so stink’n beautiful! I was giddy when I saw it cresting the west hills yesterday.

    Hopefully this is the end of brutal heat… A mere month and a half before autumn weather should begin gracing PDX.

    • “Giddy”…yep, same here…..

      I sense an e-slap coming but…….I actually smiled when I saw wall-to-wall gray this morning…. (sorry to all you heat lovers out there….)

      Currently overcast here and 58.9°F ….. Got down to 57.2°F…. Temps were about 10-14 degrees cooler at 11:00 last night (at my house) than on Tuesday and Wednesday at the same time…..SO much better for sleeping…..

    • I completely forgot to mention: it’s very lightly drizzling here as well….

      (yay!!!) 😉

    • Jesse-Orchards says:

      Month in a half?? That’s October 6, over a month into Autumn.

      Give it ten days.

    • Uh….I think Ryan’s reference was to the WEATHER change we’d be enjoying soon…not the exact date/time of Autumn’s start….

      Oh…and in keeping with your nit-picking style…. the phrase is “month AND a half”….not “IN a half”…

      Just saying….

    • Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

      I have to agree with Ryan, the change in weather isn’t until another while, models indicate another brief warm up by the 27th. Some 80’s and possibly a 90 mixed in. Sorry Jesse.

    • Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

      I usually absolutely hate morning clouds, but not this morning. You have to love living where we do receiving natures air conditioner as often as we do…. We’re very lucky….

      Oh, and Nit-picking is so 2005….
      Just saying is all….

  6. 56.9° and a nice marine layer this morning.

  7. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    I was JUST going to sleep when I found this…

    Tower cam from Dallas, Texas.
    Frequent lightning.
    This is awesome….

    Enjoy 🙂
    Good night.

  8. Today:
    High 87.5°
    Low 57.6°

    Currently 64.3°

  9. Feels great out tonight…..64.8F

  10. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    For all who wants to see a radar loop of this storm, click the link….

    Haven’t seen anything like this, at least from the west.

  11. Tetra says:

    Had a high of 84F 2 day after a low of 61F this mornin.

    I hope before I head to bed for good I can have at least one event in the 90s decade for nocturnal T-storms in the valley.

  12. Tetra says:

    What are the best noturnal thunderstorms in the 90s decade for the mid-valley?

    I am curious since I was down in Northern California thru most of the decade living in rural towns.

    • Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

      The best nocturnal t-storm I remember (in terms of severity) was the January 15 1996 bow echo. A line of thunderstorms approached from the west, produced a tornado in Lincoln City, damaging winds of 70-80 mph in the Willamette Valley, and very heavy rain. This all went on at approximately 3:30 – 4:30 in the morning. Numerous power outages were reported in the Portland Area.

      A story from the NWS Portland describes the tornado:


      I don’t remember too many other nocturnal storms in the 90’s that could compare to this, if anyone remembers any.

    • Tyler in Hazel Dell says:

      I agree Timmy. I remember my mom woke me up said a storm was coming. Flipped on the TV and the first thing we see scrolling across the bottom is “get to the lowest level of your home” and we immediately thought tornado. I had a peak wind of 39 mph from that storm, which was my strongest thunderstorm wind up until June 4th of this year.

    • Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

      Oh thunderstorm winds in my particular zip code didn’t go any higher than 40 mph even on June 4th, kind of aggrivating. There was a wind gust around the KHIO airport that approached 60 mph I think. Which is NOT THAT FAR AWAY.

      So a tornado warning was actually issued for that January 1996 storm?

    • Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

      And its SOOO strange how this happened in January! of all months!

      ? 🙂 ?

  13. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    I have increasing Altocumulus fields out here… Just for kicks I checked SPC thermodynamics and there are MU CAPES 500-1000j/kg from here to the Cascades. LI is 0 to -2…. I don’t expect anything though.

    Is anyone else seeing this?

    • Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

      Didn’t bother looking, i know nothing will fire. I will the radar on one of the tabs of my browser just in case.

  14. muxpux says:

    wow. after hitting 99 at Kelso yesterday, currently 70. thats -27 from 24 hrs. ago.

    at the house, im at 73.3 was about 95 this time yesterday, so im about -22.


  15. Hmmmm….clouding up here now…. coming out of the south…… Temp dropped 1.2° — currently at 84.4°F….

  16. Tetra says:

    Well it’s 84F here at Kyle’s house. 😦 It’s 75F inside so we turned on the AC.

    I can’t wait till it gets dark earlier as Twilight is my favorite time of day and I don’t have to wait so long to view it and I love looking at stars on a clear night. 🙂 🙂

    Cmon Daylight *losing* time.

    Man if they got rid of Daylight savings time it actually wouldn’t change much around here as the sun would still set at 8pm long after people get off work and you wouldn’t have to wait so long for the pretty sunsets. 🙂

  17. Tyler in Hazel Dell says:

    80 as of 1 PM here. Not bad, it’s actually very comfortable and the next week looks like we will finally see some comfortable summer weather. Not 105 and sunny or 65 and raining, but 75-80 with some morning clouds followed by sunshine.

    6 more days and the sun will set before 8 PM.

  18. Seems like it took “forever” to cool down last night…it stayed in the 70s until about 2:10 this morning…. Finally got down to my low temp of 58.1°F around 7:05 am…… Morning temps are really nice right now – 65.9°F…..

    (oh, and greetings Josh! What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods??)

  19. offroadjosh(kalispell Montana) says:

    Hey guys, thought i would stop and say hi again. How y’all liking the hot weather? How is everyone doing?


    • Hello Josh!!….I really don’t like the heat…but in a few months, I might long for it!

    • Aloha Rainshadow says:

      Hey Josh! How ya doin? I’m with Mike, don’t really like the heat but it’s been one “helluva” summer, haha. We’re approaching an all time high for number of 90’s in one year. We’ve broke a LOT of records this year and have a feeling we’re not done yet! Hope you are well up there!
      PS, if you don’t recognize my name, I used to be luvrydog.

    • Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

      Hi, Josh…
      I concur I don’t like extreme heat unless it leads to t-storms, whichhhhhhhh it never does here 🙂 ..
      Hey pretty soon you’ll be posting about how you’re buried in feet of snow…. It’s coming soon 😀

      Oh and….
      Who’s this Luvry character…

  20. Punxsutawney (aka HIO Phil at work by Sunset High) says:

    Ooops. No need for the second “Finally” thing.

  21. Punxsutawney (aka HIO Phil at work by Sunset High) says:

    Morning Westside Weather Report:

    Mostly clear skys, a few high clouds around. Temps upper 50’s to low 60’s.

    There looks to be a weak marine push up the Columbia which is interesting because there are light east winds and the low cloud tops ~1300′ are being pushed west. Low level east winds exist in the Beaverton area as well.

    I believe we are at 21 days of 90 degrees or better for Portland. If we hit 90 again today, I think there’s a vert good chance of breaking the record. If we don’t I’m thinking there will be a 50-50 chance of breaking the record based on what I see in the models this morning.

    Finally, “HEY MARK!” When do you get your 5 minutes of fame on the Weather Channel?

    Finally, HEY

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