A New Face On The Way

August 13, 2009

junkWe have just hired a new weather person here at KPTV/KPDX.  Stephanie Ortmann will be leaving at the end of this month…Brian MacMillan will start soon after.  I can verify for all you weather geeks out there that, like Stephanie Ortmann, Brian is a big weather nut.  When he asked out of the blue “do you have BUFKIT here?” I knew things were going to go well.  He grew up in Lynnwood, a Seattle suburb.  It’s always great to get someone on staff who truly gets wound up about a good thunderstorm outbreak or windstorm, like most of you here.  He’s also relatively young (everyone new is younger than me nowdays!) and full of fresh ideas and energy.  Here is a link to an article about him:


Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen

FRIDAY UPDATE:  Brian has posted a few thoughts down below in the comments, just after 7pm Thursday evening.