A Brief Post

July 22, 2009

A long bike ride between shows plus some serious surgery on a bunch of graphics for tomorrow’s cooler temps means not much time tonight.  Marine air really pouring in tonight, so we lowered tomorrow’s high to 80 here in PDX-Land.  I also notice a cooler trend for Friday and Saturday, and a little Sunday.

Heat Wave Update:  Not much change.  The hottest period is when a thermal trough gets established west of the Cascades Monday-Wednesday.  850mb temps of 20-27 all next week plus the offshore flow mean 100+ temps are more likely now.  I do notice the ECMWF has slightly lower 850mb temps and the thermal trough is not as pronounced.  Sure looks like 95+ temps Sunday through Thursday at least of next week…most likely this is going to be the warmest period this summer.

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen