Hot or Really Hot?

July 20, 2009

Tomorrow's Eclipse: 5pm-8pm Pacific Time

Tomorrow's Eclipse: 5pm-8pm Pacific Time

Don’t worry, you won’t miss an eclipse tomorrow;  all the action will be over Asia.  You can find all the pertinent info at 

So the title shows the main forecasting problem for the last few days.  As I returned from vacation Sunday, I took a gander at the maps.  Whew!  It looked like the heatwave of the decade on the way…but things have sure changed in the last 24-36 hours.  I just took a quick look at the 00z GFS.  It seems to confirm mine and Drew’s “cooler” forecast.  At least cooler compared to the other 7 Day forecasts in Portland.   Right now I don’t see a pattern that pushes us much above 95 degrees unless the pesky upper low suddenly decides to remain offshore.  So the big story is still that our stable and very warm July weather pattern is going to continue for awhile.

Vacation Report:  Family and I went trailer camping for 4 nights in the Cascades late last week and over the weekend.  Two nights at Olallie Lake near Mt. Jefferson and two nights at Clear Lake along Highway 26.  Blood-sucking mosquitos and a hellish road at the first.  No mosquitos, but 3am gunshots plus yelling at the 2nd.  Overall the camping was great, solid sun every single day and the lakes were comfortably warm enough to swim in.  I thought the no-swimming rule at Olallie was one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of.  Really, who goes up to a Cascade lake on an 80 degree day and doesn’t want to jump in???  Luckily the resort has been closed for awhile so no problem until it re-opens I suppose.

Chief Meteorologist – Mark Nelsen