A Hot Weekend Ahead

July 2, 2009
A Real Scorcher Today...96 at PDX!

A Real Scorcher Today...96 at PDX!

What a way to come back from vacation…the wise bosses I work for decided that I should go stand in the heat for two hours down at the Blues Festival.  It was fun, but real hot.  Always nice to see a wide mix of people drinking alcohol and acting a bit strange.  Or maybe I should have said mix of wide people…anyway, both were entertaining since some didn’t have all that many clothes on.  But it WAS hot.  I see PDX somehow made it all the way to 96.  Looks like all parts of the Metro area in the lowest elevations got to at least 93.  The interesting thing about the maps/models this evening is that there is no significant change through Sunday.  We don’t have significant offshore  flow tomorrow through Sunday, in fact we only had 1 to 2 millibars easterly flow through the Gorge today.  With SLIGHTLY weaker offshore flow tomorrow, I notched temps down 2 or 3 degrees.  But really I have a feeling the next 3 days will all be somewhere between 90-95 degrees at PDX.

It does look as if we get a dramatic change Sunday evening or so.  A sharp shortwave swings around what has become a “semi-permanent” trough offshore.  It rotates north over us Sunday night.  The most recent models have a sharper shortwave and hints of convection, maybe even west of the Cascades, overnight.   That’s something to watch closely.

Next week should be much cooler with ample onshore flow.

Mark Nelsen